Bosses teenage daughter allowed to sleep in recovery bay

  1. I work at an outpatient surgery center. In several occasions our boss brings in her teenaged daughter before they have to go to appointments. She always brings her out to the recovery area (which is an open bay only separated by curtains) she allows her to lay on a cart to sleep. She pulls the curtain **** and says nighty night to her. Then for hours we have to work around this girl. When she gets her up to leave, they leave a dirty cart, which she expects one of the nurses to clean.

    We do do not allow family members to be with patients at this point in their surgery due to HIPPA laws but my boss allows her teenage child to lay there and sleep.

    I also want to ad that no other employee is allowed to bring an older child there for any period of time. Is what my boss doing a violation of HIPPA?
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  3. by   llg
    What makes you think it would be a HIPAA violation? Is she sharing patient information with her daughter? HIPAA is about disclosing protected health information inappropriately. As bad as your boss's behavior is, I don't see how it relates to HIPAA.
  4. by   OhioRN0916
    I guess maybe I didn't explain enough. Our center has 4 admission bays. And 8 recovery bars. Separated by curtains. We are checking patients in, reviewing past medical history, mess, etc in admissions. So no, she is not giving medical information to her daughter, but her daughter can hear the talking going on with the patients who come into the facility.

    I'm just bothered by this behavior. It's unprofessional. And I was just concerned that it is a HIPPA violation.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Possibly an ethical or even credentialing agency violation/health department violation. It's not a HIPAA violation to have families in a curtained area as no reasonable person expects privacy via curtains. There should be a closed area (such as small office with a door) for exchanging confidential information.
  6. by   brownbook
    I can see it might be mildly annoying. But not sure why it bothers you so much? Also I don't understand why this teenage girl needs to sleep during the day? Why before appointments? Does she have that many appointments each week, month? Is there some medical reason, illness, this teenager has?

    As I said, it is mildly annoying, but I would just shake my head and let it go!
  7. by   Jolie
    We do do not allow family members to be with patients at this point in their surgery due to HIPPA laws...[/QUOTE]

    The others have already answered your question, but this part of your post bothers me. There is no HIPAA regulation that prevents patients from having authorized loved ones present during their care. There are only healthcare providers who either fail to understand HIPAA, or who simply don't want to be bothered with visitors and invoke HIPAA improperly for their own convenience.
  8. by   OhioRN0916
    It is not our choice. It is the bosses decision. Mostly because they want to push as many patients through as possible.
  9. by   rescueninja1987
    I would just ignore her and go on. And "ignore her" includes I'm not going to tip toe around her or clean up after her. Otherwise unless it's keeping you from taking care of patients I would just let it slide; there may be more extenuating circumstances to this situation than you realize.
  10. by   psu_213
    I can imagine that it is super annoying to have to clean up after the daughter. (As someone else said, why does she even have to come here to sleep anyway??)

    Regardless, not a HIPAA violation. If a pt can be separated from another pt by only a curtain--and hear that other pt's medical hx, why would it matter if the child hears it?