Hesi Fundamentals Test Help

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    Help, I take the Hesi Fundamentals test next week. It is 50 questions and I have to pass first try. Has anyone taken the test this year and how did you study for it? Any tips?

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    I asked my instructor last week how to study for it and she says we shouldn't have to study, that we should have learned what we need to know in the duration of the semester.

    I take it next week. We'll see.
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    I'm getting ready to take the fundamentals section too! I only have to make a 31 on it to pass the class, but I'm still SUPER nervous!! If anybody who has taken it before has any tips, I would be greatly appreciative!!
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    I took the HESI last week. I didn't study or do any kind of preparation for it and I scored a 1044/94%.
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    I took it a few weeks ago. I think the max score was a thousand and I made a 922. I'm content. I never even considered studying for it. The only thing in hindsight I could've done (and still wouldn't) was have read or listened to the lecture regarding mobility/immobility, etc particularly the questions pertaining to things like crutches, walkers, etc.
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    I just practiced NCLEX style fundamentals questions. We all thought we had to have failed the test because the questions seemed so out there and some of it stuff we had never learned. I used my best critical thinking skills and test practicing skills and passed the thing with a 92%..I was SHOCKED. So while it seemed hard when taking it the results for most all of us were good.
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    It's really not that bad. I made a 99 on mine! You can't study for it because it's what you have already learned the entire semester. You can review the material though. Good luck!
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    Yeah I have to take the Hesi Fundamentals exam too sometime in the beginning of next semester. My school has recommended that we do the fundamentals questions on the Nclex 4000 and a fundamentals book we were required to purchase.
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    did the nclex 4000 questions help? I'm takingit in a week the day before our final.
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    DID THIS HELP OR WHAT LOL!???? i dont think were talking about the NCLEX final exam we are talkign about nursing 1 were it has a HESI final at the end of the semester. so what worked practicing nclex 3500 or finding test banks for your books?

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