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I took the following sections: Math, Reading comprehension, Vocabulary & general knowledge, Grammar, Anatomy & Physiology, Learning styles, and Personality test. Best test prep for the MATH... Read More

  1. by   jena5111
    Quote from allsmilesDA
    Thank yo uso much for this post! It was truly a life saver and the help that many of us needed. I have lived by your words, and hopefully the outcome would be admission to the program. Congratulations on your nursing journey and soon to be nursing graduation. I wish you the best in your nursing career, thank you for sharing your knowledge, I will be forever grateful.

    Awww, thank you so much! Fingers crossed that you are admitted to the nursing program. Best of luck in nursing school--Go to class! Pay attention! Read your textbook(s)! Don't get sucked in with negative/dramatic classmates! Quick pieces of nursing school advice.

    Another thing--be generous with your knowledge. If you "get" something and a fellow student is struggling, help him/her out.

    Again, best of luck! You can/will become a nurse!
  2. by   Robjciaccio
    Thank you so much! I don't take my hesi test until August, but knowing there is a good system out there, helps!
  3. by   jena5111
    Thanks, everyone! I continue to be humbled by the positive responses to my original post from so long ago!!

    I'm beginning my sixth month as an RN on a busy cardiac/tele floor. All I can say is that hard work will take you far for pre-nursing entrance exams, nursing school, exit exams, and/or NCLEX.

    And then your first nursing job will be a different animal altogether. Sigh. Just keep learning, keep evolving as a new nurse, keep moving. You can do it!
  4. by   dupy6
    I have started studying for the HESI A2 entrance exam using Nurse Academy | Test Prep Videos for Nurses it is an awesome resource and so far everything is free! They seem to be just starting out, but are uploading free review videos all the time. So far, they have released a bunch of chemistry review videos and have just starting releasing HESI A2 math review videos also. Their website says they will start offering practice tests too
  5. by   lebelesprit_
    Any chance you want to sell me your review books? lol
  6. by   jleslie5
    My biggest concern is once you answer a question, does it automatically jump to the next question? Say I answer and then realize I want C not A, can you change it then and there?

    Also, once you move from that question, or even get to the end of the section, can you go back and review your answers and change if necessary if time is left?

    I'm good at math, but sometimes, your brain freezes or you just can't concentrate so I like to go thru a test and answer all I know easily, then go back and work on things I need to spend time on. Don't want to run out of time because I spent too long working on a problem, but also don't want to skip a question, without even a guess, only to find I can't go back. Then my score would be 0 for that question.

    Thanks for any help.
  7. by   jena5111
    Hi there jleslie5!

    I don't remember having the option to go back and review/edit answers. And I'm pretty sure all HESI questions must be answered in order.

    As long as you've completed enough "HESI math" practice, I bet you won't have to worry about spending too long on any single question. You'll be confident and know how to tackle each question type.

    Good luck! It's been 14 months since I began working as an RN. I'm now an ambulatory care/outpatient nurse (pain management clinic) and I absolutely love going to work each day. All of the pre-nursing and nursing school steps/hoops become worthwhile when you find your niche.

    Don't stress over the HESI A2--just study and practice using their workbook (see my original post) and you'll do well.

    PS To the poster who asked about me selling my review books--I don't think I have them anymore! I took the test in 2012, so it's been a while!
  8. by   mary onyegasi
    I took HESI on the 18th of August, 2017 and decide I needed to share my own experience. The most important advice i will give is MANAGE TIME WISELY. I almost ran out of time. (MATH, 80 READING COMP 90, VOCAB 90, A&P 76, Grammar 87)
    Let me point out here that I was scared, like many others, when I wanted to write the exam because a lot of people failed it and had to take it many time.
    I am just an averagely smart girl, haven't done my A&P2. I had 76 in A&P, there were so questions from A&P2 (which i didn't know), a few also from "MUSCLE" ( a topic i dnt even understand, lol)...and that's what explains my low score. Math was okay. I had 80. (I am scared of math too), but it was mostly fractions (1/3 +7/8) and ratio... all you need to do is be fast cos there is a calculator but it really eats into your time. I had 87 in Grammar. Learn every single topic on HESI text book because this subject can be tricky. Take reading comprehension first, or at least not when you are tired because the Essays are exhausting to read, some are even long and boring. U will need full concentration for that. Vocab was really easy. Learn with the text and check for HESI VOCAB on Quizlet.
    U too can make it.
    Best Wishes!
  9. by   Shulette
    Hi I have the Hesi Admission Assessment 4th addition is that fine? Or I need 2 or 3 edition?
  10. by   mary onyegasi
    4TH is Perfect.
    Best Wishes.