Done with the HESI A2! Any questions?! Done with the HESI A2! Any questions?! - pg.5 | allnurses

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Done with the HESI A2! Any questions?! - page 5

I took the HESI A2 exam today and passed all of them with A's and B's. The sections I had to take were Math, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and a Critical Thinking section. If anyone has... Read More

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    What conversions do you recommend memorizing?
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    Congrats on passing the exam. I am extremely nervous about taking it. I am not the greatest at math especially linear algebra equations. How many math questions are there and were they basic algebra? Thank you so much.
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    today i took the hesi exam and failed the test. i have problem with grammar and reading how can i improve in does subject
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    Hello ,
    Fellow Students and nurses . I am currently preparing to take the hesi A2 exam and I am very nervous . Anyone who may have taken the test , could you please inform me of what the test consists of . I'm not really good on math problems , is there anyone who can help via email ?.