Working night shift, difficulty sleeping during the day!

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    I work night shift, ive been working this schedule for about 6 months now. When I get home around 730-8am, i am in bed by 830, then what felt like an 8 hour or more sleep turns out to be 31/2-4. I wake up at 12pm the latest, and I cant go back to sleep, especially when I have to work that night later on.

    I've heard people taking benadryl, sleeping pills and such. Not a big fan of putting medication in my body at all. I rarely even take tylenol for a headache, so i'll hate to have to take benadryl everytime after work, or sleeping pills just to get some sleep, because come around 1am-4am of my shift, I am SLEEPY! To the point of no possible return.

    What do some of you night shifters do to get into a deep sleep, and be well rested enough, besides benadryl(which i may just have to end up getting)-__-
    Some of the coworkers on my floor go to sleep like at 12pm-7pm, but when I get home Im exhausted from the drag between 1am-4am, i miss my bed and just wanna sleep.

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    I work 7p-7a so I can't sleep 12-7. I am usually in bed by 0830 and sleep until 1600-1630. I take 2 ibuprofen before going to sleep, I know it sounds silly but it helps my achy legs and relaxes me. And I have black out curtains in my bedroom so it's dark all day to me. I'll wake up around noon to go to the bathroom but usually have no problem going back to sleep!
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    About a year and & half into nocs as a nurse (did a year of nights when I was in school & had no issues), I started having the same problems. My only solution was to leave nights & the floor I loved, for a days position on a floor that I'm rather ambivalent about. Best choice I ever made.
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    A hot shower really helps. So does a hot cup of cocoa, and taking half an hour to unwind after walking in the door. Of course, there are always those days when you just can't get decent sleep. I work 12-hour nights, and always make sure to sleep at least 12 hours before my first night shift of the week -- I go to bed at 2 am and get up around 1 or 2 pm. That way I have some sleep in my system to carry me over if I can't sleep well the next afternoon before I have to work.
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    I've been working third shift for past 3 1/2 yrs 1830-0630. I usually get home and in bed by 0715 and sleep until 1500 (unless my daughter wakes me up with silly questions). I don't usually have a problem sleeping when I get home from work, my problem is being awake all night on my nights off. I would try the dark curtains, fan to block out noise, ears plugs.. whatever it takes before taking meds.
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    I work 10p to 6a with an hour commute. Im always exhausted when I get home. The drive makes me sleepy. I immediately crash as soon as Im home then usually about 12-1 I'm awake using bathroom and have the same problem. Unable to get back to sleep. I have black out curtains, a fan on to block out noise, and it never gets any easier for me. Ive been working nights for over ten years. I have noticed its becoming harder the older I get though and its starting to effect my health and relationships cuz I'm always crabby from never resting well but I feel like I spend a great deal of time in bed!!!! ?
    Ive used tylenol pm and even prescription sleeping pills but always have a hang over effect so now I just suffer through. Good luck!
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    When I did 7 pm to 7 am I just never slept more than 3-4 hrs. It stunk, but I just caught up on sleep on days off.
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    Although still a med, I, as well as several coworkers, take melatonin. I keep my room dark and cool. Usually it isn't too bad as long as I don't have to do something during the day. After that, my sleep schedule gets messed up. I'm adjusting too, and although there are day shift positions available on my floor, I don't think I could handle more chaos. Good luck!
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    When you wake up are hungry or thirsty? Maybe a very light snack would help. Also, someone recommended I think of nothing but the number "1" until I fall asleep. Over and over just visualize "1". That did help. Eventually I just decided to go to days. Good luck.
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    You have to have a 'normal' routine as much as possible. If you worked dayshift, would you come home at 1930 and go straight to bed?

    I come home at around 0830. Take a shower, eat a light 'dinner' and unwind. I do a load of laundry, pick up, watch some tv, spend time with my kid, etc. I probably go down at 1000-1100 like I would at night and sleep til 1730 no problem. Get up, shower, eat and head on out.

    I am rotating shifts right now, so I do the same when I go to days.

    I rather be in bed a little bit later than early and wake up very early and be up the rest of the day until the next morning.


    Good luck!
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