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Skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, and other tight-fitting denim pants are in style, especially among today's fashion-conscious females. Combine those skinny jeans with a fashionable top and some cute sandals, and you've just... Read More

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    People look much better in loose fit clothing. Seeing people wear tight jeans makes me cringe. How can they move comfortably?

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    Way back, My mom's theory was that my jeans were going to "cut off the circulation to my brain". I think she probably needed to brush-up on her anatomy, but she knew it wasn't right.

    SN - other hazards - a friend once dropped a $20 in a bar and both of our jeans were so tight we couldn't bend over to pick it up... A gentleman came to her rescue (he smirked a bit, but we were cute back then). Often had to ride to the club with my pants unzipped. Yikes.

    Nowadays I CANNOT fathom wearing tight clothes like that. High heels are out too. No thanks.
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    Quote from jjrodriguez
    People look much better in loose fit clothing. Seeing people wear tight jeans makes me cringe. How can they move comfortably?
    They can't move comfortably.
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    I've never heard of such a thing. It does sound silly but I have to admit I have experienced this. I would wear tight fitting jeans to school and all the walking and prolonged sitting in class, bus rides and in the car while wearing skinny jeans really took its toll on my legs. I'd often have to sooth my aching, tingly legs with a heating pad. Eventually I realized the culprit was my jeans. Now I try to wear looser jeans and pants.
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    Wow! People actually wear their jeans THAT tight?
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    wow! who would of known?! I used 2 do what my husband calls "my pants dance' to squeeze into my skinny jeans until that got old now im all about comfort.
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    Quote from Nascar nurse
    Not a new problem. When I was a teenager in the 80's, your pants were too loose unless you had to lay on the bed and use a clothes hanger end to get the zipper up. The painted on look was the only way to go.
    Same thing in the 70's . . . . . That coathanger really worked!!
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    Yeah I dont get it. I never walked into my sisters room, looked at her pants and had the bright idea to put them on.

    *** is wrong with kids today.
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    things that make you go hmmm :uhoh21:
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    Interesting and informative article. Hadn't heard about the nerve damage but I remember research from looooong time ago about male fertility isssues with tight fitting clothes. I do remember specifically problems of vaginitis and UTIs for tight clothes for the gals.

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