night nursing and healthy snacks

  1. What are some healthy, easy to prepare and eat healthy snacks? I'm tired of the candy and junky stuff but enjoy munching on little things to stay awake.
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  3. by   TX.RN.Shannon
    I've lost 90 pounds in the last year and have some snacks that work for me.
    I like the 100 calorie packages of almonds. String cheese or cheddar cheese in the individual portions.
    I buy Triscuits (especially the garlic flavored) and put them into snack-sized bags as soon as I get home from the store. I also immediately portion out my grapes and strawberries.
    A medium apple with half a container of caramel dip (the individual tubs) is nice.
    I eat at least 1 or 2 yogurts each night--trying to up my calcium, too!
    Fiber One bars are filling and yummy, but the gas is horrible at first!

    When I am going to work, I grab my lunch bag and throw a handful of stuff into it. I like the things being separated and ready because usually I'm running late! On a typical night, I take 2 different yogurts, a string cheese, a bag of Triscuits to go with the small piece of Cheddar, a bag of Almonds, and either a bag of strawberries or grapes. It sounds like a lot, but I do better eating a small snack pretty frequently. It's all I usually have time for! Plus, I've noticed I have fewer headaches...maybe my blood sugar isn't dipping/spiking as much...IDK.

    Anyways, sorry this is so long. Hope it gives you a little bit of good info!
  4. by   tokyoROSE
    I bring fruit and protein. Currently I'm loving edamame or beef jerky. Both are low in calories and packed full of protein. I also drink soy milk or skim milk. If I'm craving something sweet, I have sugar free chocolate pudding or make hot chocolate with soy or skim milk. I stash a few protein bars in my bag too, they come in handy wherever I go.
  5. by   exnavygirl-RN
    Baby carrots and hummus.
    Apples and other cut-up fruit.
    Cereal! (Kashi will keep you full the whole shift)
    String cheese (these saved me on night shift)
    Yogurt (I love Greek yogurt)
    Mixed Nuts (I like the mixed nuts that contain macadamias)
    I use to stash protein bars, too.

    I worked night shift for 8 years. Now that I'm on day shift I have gained weight. We get an hour for lunch so we go out to eat A LOT...too much!
  6. by   Gypsy_Nurse
    In my lunch bag I have for my lunch and snacks: Smart Ones meal, two packs of oatmeal, a bag of carrots, a protein bar (currently my new favorite is the peanut butter chocolate one, a Zone bar, from Target, can get Target brand of same thing for $4 for 5 bars), a packet of green tea, and an 80 calorie yogurt. String cheese is always a good one to add also, however I am obsessed with cheese so I try to limit it as much as possible!
  7. by   sunnyharbor
    I am all about greek yogurt, especially fage! Yum! Also granola bars you can buy store bought or make your own. They are a life saver. Then there are smoothies or soups. This may sound strange buy I like to put soup in a thermos or coffee mug and sip a little at a time. It keeps it hot all night.
  8. by   amandab13
    Flavored cans of tuna, veggies and fruit, cereal, oatmeal, plain popcorn, Pop-tarts (only 100cal in one pop-tart and they're perfect for nights when I'm craving something sweet or carbs).
    I have a stock pile of snacks at work for unexpected cravings or when I have to stay late.
  9. by   turnforthenurse
    Veggies and fruit, already cut/prepared
    Cans/packets of tuna mixed with guacamole
    Protein bars (just be sure to look at the nutrition information, some of them are horrible for you! others are not)
    Nut butter packets
    Beef jerky
    String/cubed cheese
    Yogurt (I love Greek yogurt!)
    Homemade trail mix (nuts and dried fruit, I usually just put raisins in mine)

    I worked nights for 4 years and thankfully I didn't have issues with weight gain. It's hard when there's nothing around but junk food - you just need the willpower to avoid all of that!