How do you handle stress at/from work?

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    How do you manage stress and stop it from driving you nuts? I feel like I could use some tips!

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    Sorry, but I went nuts a long time ago

    Others have found a hobby, work out, cook, clean, etc.
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    Some tips:

    1. A support system outside of the workplace
    2. Physical exercise (aerobics, strength training, yoga, etc.)
    3. Personal interests unrelated to healthcare (traveling, gardening, cars, etc.)
    4. Keeping a diary or journal to document your day-to-day stressors
    5. Venting your frustrations on an online forum filled with nurses
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    Well I think all us nurses will eventually go nuts, however, I tend to exercise to get out my frustrations. If I'm too tired to do that I try and get a good night sleep, and try and remember why I got into the profession to begin with. Always remember that there is more to life than your job; we see everyday that life is short, you need to enjoy it.
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    Praying. Always does the trick. And you can't go wrong
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    I went part-time to spend more time at home raising my kids. It makes me alot more happier, and I look forward to that same job now. We did have to make some financial sacrifices and do with less. But it was worth it to me. Once they are in school, I might pick up a casual job on the side. Its nice not get caught up in the work politics, and that burn out feeling is now gone.
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    as several of you know i'm into body-building and in addition, i teach zumba classes. therefore, while teaching the zumba class not only my students benefit, i do as well... we always leave the zumba class with a smile which helps with the daily stress at work and in our personal life
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    Whenever I feel stressed, it is an invtation to take care of myself. I used to let stress avalanche out of control. Now I am more aware of tuning in before I stress take over my life. Practicing daily self care such as adequate sleep, exercise, nutrition and fun is crucial for nurses since a lot of our energy is drained by the demands of our profession and patients. A good analogy is to think of a well. Always take care of others from the well's overflow, not the bottom of the well.

    A lot of women are very resistent to take care of themselves since they were never taught or they feel unworthy. A great book on self care is "The Art of Extreme Self Care" by Cheryl Richardson. I highly recommend it!

    To all of you resistant to take care of yourself, put yourself in your patient's shoes. Would you rather be taken care of a nurse who is well rested and calm, or a stressed out frazzled nurse?
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    Quote from JenniferS_CNA
    How do you manage stress and stop it from driving you nuts? I feel like I could use some tips!
    I treat myself to something nice like a pedicure because I know I deserved it Or buy something nice for myself.

    I read inspiring good books...

    I also don't talk about work at home. I leave the stress at work.

    I do things I enjoy like taking a nice walk by the beach, pursue my dreams and do things like my hobbies.

    Make sure I make time for myself, that I don't over work myself....take time off when needed.

    I do not hold anyone else responsible for my happiness. Don't take things so personally.

    What I have learned is that, stop looking for happiness in the future and learn to experience happiness in the present. Worry less. Also that negative thinking is contagious.

    Most importantly, exercise and take care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good overall.
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