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    Quote from Cherish
    I love that site. It's very informative that and sparkpeople are two great sites for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    LOL yea I know. When I was in the Army all the latrines (bathrooms) had hydration charts with like 5 stages of urine color so you could check your hydration by the color of your pee.
    No kiddin!

    Hey my son just signed up for the Army in May, he grad from basic in Sept. (had broken his hand so he was recycled). Now he's at AIT in GA. What did you do in the Army?

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    Quote from Cherish
    So it's been 2 weeks and I have drank nothing but water and sugar free hot chocolate. LOL I actually enjoy having no juice. I was a juice addict, drank soda only if it was in an alcoholic drink cause I actually hate pop. I'm doing the whole check the color of your pee, and I like that I'm winning this. I think I'm getting weird people, I see light colored pee and I smile. Whats wrong with me! I think I'm going kookoo .
    An over-interest in ANY body secretions is just a healthy sign of being a nurse, LOL.

    Work is good; I've been better at eating better at night. I avoid lunch during the days I work at night (mostly because I'm sleeping then) and I've been packing in a lunch and bringing an assortment of snacks (peanut butter crackers, granola bars, presliced fruit) so that I've got a choice. I know those aren't perfect, but they're better than anything in the vending machines or at the cafeteria grill. Took a good long walk the other day, but I've been having trouble making it to the gym lately. Dumb because I feel so much better when I make the effort--but my gym does not offer babysitting (my old one did and I loved it) and I hate to take a couple of hours out after school when my bigger ones are home. I'll think of something...
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    Quote from hikernurse
    An over-interest in ANY body secretions is just a healthy sign of being a nurse, LOL....
    HA HA you are too cute


    How old are the kids? would they walk w/ you or bike next to you as you walk?
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    Hi Jay, I'm glad you decided to join the thread, I hope that you stick around and share.

    Keep up the good work Zoe!

    Cherish, have fun with the boxing class, that should be a definate workout if it's 90 minutes.

    I've used fitday in the past and they are pretty good. I eat such odd foods like seitan, tempeh and seaweed soup it never has what I eat on there. LOL

    I went to the gym and had a nice workout today and have eaten lightly.
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    Mmmm...tempeh is really good grilled.

    I have been lazy today- no stairs or walking today. My calories are in check, though.

    Our dietician gave me a bunch of information today- she's awesome. I'm lucky- she's a great cheerleader.

    Hope everyone has a great day today! Maybe I'll walk after dinner, and take the kiddos with me- they love that.
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    I've grilled tempeh before. Broiled is good too.

    Taking an off day day from exercise. Ate reasonably well today. Not low cal though, but healthy.
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    Well, Friday weigh in time. I had to work a twelve today, but better late than never!

    Starting Weight: 233 lbs.
    Current Weight: 227 lbs.

    I wish everyone else much success on their journey towards health.

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    Zoe.......Howdy, I figured out I had diabetes because of neuropathy in my feet........took me a week of two before I figured out why my feet were burning. The dieting is harder, because it is a little more than just cutting back or watching what I eat.....I am definately a carb lover and I am not happy with some of the changes I am having to make. I did however lose 10 lbs in the first three weeks.
    How have you been doing?
    It is so good to be back.
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    I'm at a total loss of 8 pounds for 2 weeks. Yay! Portion control has gotten much easier now. Now, if I can just get off my butt and exercise, all will be well.

    Oh- don't get the black bean burger at Chili's. It has 325 cals, 6 gr fat, but 13 gr fiber= 6 points. I had half of one for lunch yesterday, thinking I was being good. I could've had half a cheeseburger for that LOL. It didn't even taste good.
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    Jay that's awesome!!!!

    ER, it does seem to be harder for persons with DM to loose weight, but it's awesome that you lost 10 lbs so far!!!

    BBF, you too!!! Kudos on your 8 pounds in two weeks.

    I'm going to the gym and today is weigh in day for me. I'm not hopeful I lost, but hoping I didn't gain. I ate very well, but didn't cut back every single day. I'll let you know.

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