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I've been clinically diagnosed with depression at age 13 and took AD and anti-anxiety meds off and on. For the most part I was able to cope but working in bedside has exacerbated my sx. Since starting nursing 6 years ago(... Read More

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    You do have to find the right person to talk to. Many counselors are not well qualified etc.

    I suffer from severe anxiety, really. It manifested itself in a very miserable very thin, very active person. When I actually could not run/swim/bike anymore due to fatigue, I ended up meeting my doctor who saved my entire life. Yes, I literally fell asleep while swimming one day- I mean WHO does that?

    I'd been to several other counselors in the past and stopped them all because they were not helpful. I'm now not as thin, not quite as active, and much less miserable. It took 3 years, very hard ones. And it took the right combination of time, energy and physician.

    And yes...some things are not worth the fight. But some things are. I have to admit, for me it was so worth it. I'm a better nurse having this under control, and a much happier person. My life is so much fuller and happier. I'm really just trying to share that you can actually beat don't have to just retreat into a corner, if you don't want to. It was very unpleasant to work through this, but the reward was huge.

    Now if you decide that finding a different job would actually make you happier...then go for it. I just sense a feeling of regret in your writing.
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