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Hi All, I am curious as to what a competitive applicant has for an ATI TEAS score, GPA, prereqs. I understand the minimum TEAS was 78, but it has been temporarily lowered to 65. Obviously, the... Read More

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    I'm picking up my bundle tomorrow or Friday depending on how long the orientation takes.
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    Show yourselves!
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    I was there. I was the one in the green shirt.
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    Coug and I are the dudes in the middle of the room.
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    blue shirt?
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    Yes, where r u me and Zal been asking everybody
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    Hi guys!!! How is the new life journey? :-)
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    It is overwhelming but a lot of fun. Lots of reading! We don't get to see action with patients just yet so we practice procedures on each other.

    I hope you continue pursuing nursing because from what I've learned from this first week, it is looking to be a challenging yet fulfilling road to a complex career.
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