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  1. 1 I have a tentative hire offer for the VA in Augusta I'm doing my physical and fingerprints today.....I hope I get the job I have been trying forever to get on with the VA.....
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    WELCOME!!! I'm with the Martinsburg VA in WV. Its definatly different than the civilian hospitals, but I love working with the vets. What area are you going into?
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    Thank u!!!! I'll be working on a pallative floor..Hope it doesn't take too long to complete everything.....
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    congratulations!!!.... as i wish you the best always...aloha~
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    Under specialties, go to Government, there is a great thread on VA Hiring. Tons of info. Marshall is great at answering any and all questions. Good luck, the process has been very frustrating for me. Do check out the thread though, great info regarding how to make references, Vetpro, Equip, and the millions of everything else they want easier.
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    Thanks GitanoRN!!!!@

    Thanks Elprup I will do that!!!
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    Congratulations MissRNBlue....I looked at that job but applied for the Med/Surg job instead. I haven't heard anything from them. How long did it take for them to contact you?
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    Thanks studentnurse50!!!! I have applied to hundreds of VA jobs and have had several interviews but this time I a tentative was about couple of weeks after the job closed they called me....wishing u the best of luck
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    Congrats - you will like it in Augusta!
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    Thanks!!! I will not get my hopes up yet until I get an exact hire/start date.....I hope I do like Augusta...