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Hello all, I have a question that could hopefully be simple. I am on track right now for the Army Nurse Corps boards this november 5th 2012. My husband and I would love Rep. of Korea to be my first... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    Ok....I have kinda gone back and forth about posting this but feel its on topic so here goes: we were stationed in Korea (Yongsan) from 88 to 90. Its a filthy, overcrowded area where the Seoul National University students rule the roost. The pollution was worse than LA on its worst day, the Korean Nationals have absolutely no use for the American military and I could go on and on...easily the two worst years of my family experience as a military spouse. We lived at Hannam Village (military off post housing). One incident with the university students involved them pushing their way onto our housing complex and burning the US flag and all we could do was watch. Next incident: the school bus carrying my then 8 y/o on his way to Yongsan Elementary was tear gassed by the students - our students were terrified!!

    Truly if you want your kids to experience another culture: go to Spain or Japan or Alaska - I have lived in those places too and with much more positive experiences I might add.
  2. by   shighsmith
    Thank your for your post. Just from personal experience I can tell you alot has changed. The surrounding communites are awesome, we loved them aboslutely. There used to be protesting and rioting in the early 90's and around 2001-2002, the latter was due to an accidental death caused by a soldier that ran over two girls with an AVLM. My husband was in that convoy and witnessed it and it was very tragic. Since that time, we have kept in touch with our friends that are still there, as well as friends that have been sent since then. Very glowing reccomendations. The funny thing is and I am sure you can understand this is, the complaints we got the most from anyone there since, was that of soldiers acting crazy. Young soldiers( and some older ones) get to Korea and lose their minds. I heard of some troubles in the early 90's and I was there for the early 2000's and I would still feel comfortable with my children there.
  3. by   Mslecia20
    I can only speak from experience as a single soldier that lived on post I was in Taegu from 2003 to 2004 and they did have public protests about us being there I think twice and we were forced onto base to stay so if I could get on post housing I would feel better. The driving was not the best how 3 lanes were made into 5 however as a single soldier I loved it especially the fact I could always just go on base which offered the simplicty of being on an American base despite where we were located and so I enjoyed my stay there however I would prefer a year unaccompanied just because of the hectic life outside of the base.
  4. by   mommybabynurse

    wow so there are only 2 military hospitals in Korea!? My husband and I were thinking about putting in a 4187(?) for Korea. He is active duty army now and spent a year in Korea in 2011. We were not able to go (his wife and one kid). But yes, Mslecia20, if we extend our contract for 2 years then family can come. I will be graduating RN school in May 2013. I am an LVN now with a few years experience. I was hoping I would be able to work in a hospital over there. When Im done with this post I will be researching the hospitals over there via the internet to find out what I can. I wonder what the odds are that I can find work in a hospital!?
  5. by   MaumauMom
    oh I'm sorry I couldn't tell. I thought you wanted a specific duty station. If that's the cas, you sound like a great candidate for the Army officer nursing program. Good Luck and I'm pretty sure you'll get a spot!

    Fingers cross *)
  6. by   shighsmith
    Thanks you MaumauMom, I hope so much that I do, and thanks for your suggestions also. Talking with my hsband we decided, it wasnt worth an unaccompanied tour, to put Korea ont he list. Would rather not risk it. Gonna cross fingers for Ft. Lewis/Ft. Sam/ and Carson or Gordon.
  7. by   Garifuna30
    Hello Shighsmith,

    I am an Army nurse corp officer and was stationed in Daegu and Yongsan 2010-2011. With your background and experience it shouldn't be an issue getting stationed in Korea as a matter of fact they would love to have your level of expertise. What you want to make sure is that you are able to get command sponsorship for your family. Slotting for CSP is not the same throughout the different areas. I was in Area 4 and was unable to get my family CSP due to the lack of infrastructure. It was a big issue that year. They now have a better system. In addition Korea continues to be a one year assignment. Unless you are in a key development position(you're not) you are on one year assignment however when you arrive you can AIP(Assignment incentive pay) which means when you arrive into country you sign a contract that guarantees you another year(pending command approval) and you receive an extra 250 a month.As mentioned before the only way for your orders to guarantee you two years, you will have to have an approved CSP. I would recommend that if you are asking for Korea, you make sure that you start your CSP paperwork. It will eliminate any undue stress. If you go on the ROK website they should have some updated information. Hope this helps!