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shighsmith has 4 years experience.

I am 27 years old, I am an Assistant Nurse Manager at Baptist Health. I am applying to join the US Army Nurse Corps.

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  1. shighsmith

    south university FNP Program

    I am very torn between this school and another one. I have been accepted to south and I'm still trying to get all my application stuff in for the other school to see if i am accepted there. I was supposed to start south on the 6th and backed out last minute. I did speak with a nurse i use to work with and she is in the program now and starting clinicals and she said she really likes the school. What date does it start in september? The only reason I am worried about this school is because its for profit and looking for a preceptor and job may be hard. However the other school is a pediatric nurse practitioner and I am worried that will be even harder because it limits places I can go. ugh Decisions :)
  2. shighsmith


    Anyone going to school online or went to school online for FNP that had a school that was actually teaching you the info and not a self taught program? Like maybe some that have recorded lectures or video chats or anything like that? Just trying to narrow my school search down. thanks
  3. shighsmith


    I am applying for school for PNP. I have also considered FNP, but would much rather stick with kids. My concern is how much this will limit me in finding a job. Are there any PNPs that found this to be a problem? Thanks
  4. shighsmith

    Maryville University PNP or FNP

    Hello, I am applying to the online PNP program ay maryville university for spring. This is a very new program and I know the chances of getting someone to respond that is in the program is low. So if you have any information on this school and their online format I would like to get some more info. I would love to find any others that are going to be in the program next year as well. Thanks
  5. I am starting school at South University at the beginning of August as long as my military funding goes through; however, after reading all the posts and reviews I am a bit nervous. I know I should have researched a bit more before committing, but the things South University did have is what I needed in a school and I kind of stopped there. I learn well by reading on my own and self teaching for the most part. I am curious for those of you who have done clinical, how did you get connected with the place you were going to do your clinical at? Did the university help at all in this process? Also are you getting good experience out of your clinical? Thanks for any insight you may have. I know everyone will have a varied experience but I am still interested. :)
  6. shighsmith

    FY2013 ANC boards?

    hmm I head a week ago that the number would be 42 selected. see how all this chitter chatter mixes things up. Oh well When it happens it happens right?
  7. shighsmith

    Questions after commissioning

    though I have yet to go to the board, Just from reading here and talking with others you will receive your orders anywhere from 2 weeks to around a month after finding out you are commissioned. That will have your date for bolc, though some have gotten their orders only weeks before bolc. I think that is usually a logistical error though from Branch to recruiter to you. sometimes gets lost in the sauce.
  8. shighsmith

    FY2013 ANC boards?

    I have read a few times in a few theads on this forum, nurses saying the ANC board was in October. My healthcare recruiter is doing my packet for the November 5th board. I was told that is the only board available for Army Nurse Corps positions. Is my healthcare recruiter misinformed(which has happend quite a few times so far), or is there some sort of different board I am confusing. (I do not mean AF, or USN)
  9. shighsmith

    Republic of Korea 1st Duty assignment

    Thanks you MaumauMom, I hope so much that I do, and thanks for your suggestions also. Talking with my hsband we decided, it wasnt worth an unaccompanied tour, to put Korea ont he list. Would rather not risk it. Gonna cross fingers for Ft. Lewis/Ft. Sam/ and Carson or Gordon.
  10. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    240zRN thanks for your reply, I know I stand a chance against some graduating nurses, But, I am just worried about the sheer numbers. From what I have heard so far they are selecting 42 out of 400+. That part scares me. I hope you get it good luck. I have read 100's of posts so far(just about everything I could find), most successful ones I have read had the CC experience or werein a board that slected 100+. I think I just want it so bad, that I can only see the things that will go wrong. Though I love the military, and admire the logistical man power behind them, I know things go wrong alot, SNAFU. Again, thanks 240zRN and I really hope to see you in Ft. Sam. good luck.
  11. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    what are you talking about lady? I too have been in a military family. The post that you claim I was boasting, was literally there for someone to tell me if I stood a fighting chance. BTW a know it all? Nothing I stated at all had to do with my nursing knowledge. I asked what the chances of getting ROK for my first duty station and be able to bring my family along, to which you replied that family members couldnt go, I pointed out that, that was wrong. you said they had no hospitals only MTF's I told you that was wrong and it was, and you came at me with a wall of text giving me your definition of hospital. I stated only fact, you were talking from the hip, but had no clue what you were speaking of. I make this post with my very meager credentials, in a very humble way, and in no way bragging, asking what my chances were inthe board, and you acted like a child and posted your credentials your scores, and even summed your post up with the word AWESOME. For a senior, you sure do respond and react like a child. Please discontinue derailing my threads. YOu have no clue what a non commissioned service member or commissioned service member will recognize with me because you do not know me. you hijacked two threads on a forum, claiming to know me better than I do. I was a military spouse myself, and I have also met many many many officers NCO's, junior enlisted and the like, and I know what the are made of, the same stuff my husband and I are made of, and the same stuff you apparently were unable to find in yourself when you were young enough to be useful. good night whoever you are. Remember treat others as you wish to be treated.
  12. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    I was going to just let this go but decided not to. kcmylorn, to preface this incoming post I want you to know a few things. this thread was for constructive criticism and some pointers which I have already received from a few people in the community (Thanks so much so far LunahRN). It was strictly and very obviously a military question, and more specifically an army question. So when you replied to it, in the manner you did, I assumed you were military. My assumptions came to pass for this reason; you made a chest thumping post touting your scores and all your experience and everything you have done since before I was even born. You never said anything constructive whatsoever, just touting your scores on something and how long you have worked. In your country you can retire after 20 years in the military, hence the retirement question, since I thought you were military. But it turns out from reading your past posts and past threads you have started that you are more of an insecure, puff your chest out type. You are insecure because so many of your threads had to do with age, older nurses being pushed out, or argumentative with different types in the nursing community. I thought you were maybe just having a bad day, seen a young nurse, asking for some advice after posting my very meager resume', the advice or opinions needed were referring to my chances in the november board for the ANC. Your replied with something completely different. And then I noticed your name. You derailed one of my posts about the Republic of Korea being a first duty choice. You said at first there were no hospitals there and that family members couldnt come. When I corrected you(from personal experience of living in the country with my active duty husband) you became defensive with a wall of text, basically talking down to me like a school child, while supporting my point that you were wrong. At some point you will need to drop that insecurity and just live a happy life. I am not a confrontational type, but it is honestly something I am working on, to be a little more vocal about this type of thing. I think it would best if you just didnt bother derailing any of my threads and try to be constructive, and I will do more to try to avoid anything you post on my threads. Thanks
  13. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    My standardized score was 111, I do not show any percentage score. Just a " Standard score(*): 111 This is your total score expressed as a standardized scale. Nice to hear you have been in so long, you must be looking forward to retirement now. congrats.
  14. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    LunahRN I would love to ask you a few things, not sure how to PM on this forum but I have just a few questions for you.
  15. shighsmith

    What are my chances?

    Thanks Lunah, I have that certification but I would love to get the CC specialty course in my orders. One of the reasons I would chose Ft Lewis or Ft Sam as my first duty station for that training. I hope they select me I would love to give them everything I have.
  16. shighsmith

    Republic of Korea 1st Duty assignment

    Thank your for your post. Just from personal experience I can tell you alot has changed. The surrounding communites are awesome, we loved them aboslutely. There used to be protesting and rioting in the early 90's and around 2001-2002, the latter was due to an accidental death caused by a soldier that ran over two girls with an AVLM. My husband was in that convoy and witnessed it and it was very tragic. Since that time, we have kept in touch with our friends that are still there, as well as friends that have been sent since then. Very glowing reccomendations. The funny thing is and I am sure you can understand this is, the complaints we got the most from anyone there since, was that of soldiers acting crazy. Young soldiers( and some older ones) get to Korea and lose their minds. I heard of some troubles in the early 90's and I was there for the early 2000's and I would still feel comfortable with my children there.