Pregnant on 2 year probationary period

  1. I just stared working at the VA and I'm hoping to make it my long-term career. I am learning about HR policies in orientation and they talked about how RN's have a 2-year probation. I was just curious if anyone has gotten pregnant during that 2 year can they fire you? I don't PLAN on getting pregnant, but I'm the type of person that likes to know what ifs. So if anyone has any insight that would be great, or if it has happened to them. I want to make the best impression and I value my job so much, but I know under the probationary period they can fire you for any reason they want, even pregnancy (although they don't have to say that's why). Reminds me how important reproductive rights really can be when you are the one that bears the children. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    It would be a violation of your civil rights to fire you during this period soley due to pregnancy. They would have to prove un-fitness on the job to do this----e.g poor performance, attendance, etc. And I would demand full accounting as to why I was being terminated during a probationary period beyond "it did not work out".

    That said, if you are just learning a new area like any specialty in nursing, on a fulltime basis, maybe giving yourself time to get through this stressful probationary period before you plan your baby would be the best idea. Not because it should affect your work so much, as you want to be well-oriented and feeling capable. This takes about 2 years in my experience in any area of nursing, VA, med-surg, etc.....and the learning curve is rather steep. Pregnancy can take its own toll, and your health and that of your baby should be your first concern when the time comes.

    Remember what I said about attendance. You wont' have a lot of sick time learning a new job. Pregnancy can be unpredictable. You may have a perfectly healthy pregnancy that allows you to work unhindered physically up til the end...or you may not. Consider that you want to also be able to take some time off after the baby is born, and how much.

    I wish you the very best.
  4. by   pattyrn376
    I work at a VA and it really hasnt been an issue, when the girls get back we are just glad to see them, most come back full time, but the girl that had triplets came back part time, that was 4 yrs ago and now she has her locker decorated with those beautiful little boys. I have been with the VA for about 3 years and I love the VA, the 2 year deal is mainly for those that are incompetent or trouble makers, your first 2 years just keep a low profile and stay off of the radar, do your work, mind your own business, and if you are one of those people that are vocal esp with unions, dont be too visable with the union the 1st 2 years, you can join the union but would only use as a resource as needed. after the 2 years you are a permanent employee
  5. by   Staczse7
    I have not worked for the VA but I have had personal experience of where I felt that I was terminated because of "pregnancy conditions". I was pregnant with my 6 child, I had just graduated nursing school and just got a job in a snf with a bunch of other new grads. There was another girl there who was pregnant about as far along as I was (I was about 7 and a half months). I am sure the conditions are not the same at the VA as they were at the SNF because most SNF's are understaffed and this was no exception. Anyway, I had started to dilate a little bit and was aware of that fact. One day the other preggers nurse and I were comapring notes and we didnt think anything of it. The next day I was working alone on of all places a locked unit with dementia/ Alzhemiers residents and something had occurred (nothing physically) but I had gotten set up by the nursing supervisor. The next day, I got called in by the DON who forced me to resign under false conditions. I had always felt it was because I was pregnant and because I was overheard talking about the pregnancy and basically because of liability issues. Take home here, talk about the sex of the baby if you know it, how excited you are about the pregnancy, names if you got one picked and that's about it. Don't give management a reason to become a pain in your butt, but if they're decent to begin with, they shouldn't be bothering you and if you're a decent employee and nurse you shouldn't really care that they're around.
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  6. by   candleguy1142
    does anyone know if you can transfer to another VA before your 2 year probation ends? mine ends in oct 2011 and am curious if it is possible to work for a VA closer to where I would like to go to school starting fall2011, in the SoCal area. thanks.
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  7. by   caliotter3
    I would think so, but you should check with your HR department to find out for certain. They will be able to help you with the process.
  8. by   jeckrn
    Quote from candleguy1142
    does anyone know if you can transfer to another VA before your 2 year probation ends? mine ends in oct 2011 and am curious if it is possible to work for a VA closer to where I would like to go to school starting fall2011, in the SoCal area. thanks.
    Yes, It can take as long or longer to transfer as it does to get hired.
  9. by   theVaway
    Just an updated. Hired Jan 2009, baby Dec 2009. No problems :-) still work at awesome VA facility and have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old.