No veterans preference for military vets who work as nurses at the VA hospitals.

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    We need to get a law changed. Title 38 USC 7401 (1) lets VA Hospitals ignore Veterans Preference for health care professionals. If you served as a medic or corpman and want to continue your medical career as a MD, PA , Nurse or NP etc, at the VA hospital, They DONT count your veterans preference. The VA has DISCRETIONARY power to appoint regardless of veteran status. YOU MUST CONTACT congress, the VFW, the DAV and the Legion and both houses of Congress to get this law changed. CONTACT the POTUS also. JOIN me to get this law appealed for fairness in hiring of qualified veterans to work at the VA. Only TOGETHER will our voices be heard.
    Thoughts ?
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    Very interesting. Great post. Hope to hear more about this-
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    Hmmmm. Veterans preference is typically awarded on a point system: 5 points for certain medals, dates of service, 10 points for disabled vets who are service connected.No....they don't have to hire vets but Veterans Preference is a program. It doesn't mean vets get preference.
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    Thank you TraumaRUs for sharing what veteran preference is. You are correct, the VA --- a federal agency whos mandate is to take care of veterans does not have to count veterans preference when it comes to hiring of nurses, doctors, NPs or PAs. I should share that this veterans preference applies only towards veterans when they apply to federal jobs. It is hypocritcal that the one agency charged with caring for veterans is the same institution that does not have to enforce this preference to qualified candidates. I suggest you look at VA for Vets traumaRUs
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    Very hypocritical. I have already emailed my reps.
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    This was one of the policies that turned me off when I first looked toward the VA for employment.
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    Several vets-who-were-nurses commented in conversation with me that the VA in the area used to live in did give vets preference. However, I'm not sure what it is you're asking for. That the VA should be required to hire someone who may be less qualified/experienced/credentialed than a non-vet applicant for healthcare provider positions? The VA shouldn't be allowed to hire the (otherwise) best qualified person for healthcare positions? I'm not sure that's something I consider "fair." I would like to see the best educated and credentialed, most experienced people caring for our vets, regardless of those individuals' military service.
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    The person who was hired for a healthcare position that I applied for was not a licensed nurse at all. My nursing education made me the better qualified/experienced/credentialed person for the listed job. The fact that I was a veteran, with 'veteran's preference', that did not exist, only made me that much more qualified to take care of fellow veterans. I will never seek employment with the VA again. Nor will I be in any hurry to obtain medical care at one of their facilities.
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    (Cal -- in case I wasn't clear, I was responding to the OP, not to your post specifically.)
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    Caliotter3, I take a slight offense over your post. I am a nurse and a veteran working for the VA who also gets their health care through the VA. However, the vast majority of practitioners and bedside care providers, are NOT veterans. So your insinuation that the VA is staffed with a bunch of under-qualified vets in caregiver positions who got their jobs over more qualified applicants based on their veterans preference is patently false.

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