LPN in the Army at my age

  1. I'll be 38 when I get my LPN. Please, I can't afford the BSN on my CNA salary and twins due. Rhe LPN makes sense for me. I always wanted to be in the Service. I know LPN is enlisted. Could I come in as an E4 maybe? What opportunities are there to continue to my BSN in the future? I am relocating my family to Virginia upon graduating. The Navy uses corpmen, I know.

    Also, does Army personnel work in naval facilities and vice versa?
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  3. by   stephanie.
    I could be wrong but I think you may be too old to join the service. Hope I'm wrong.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    The age limit for enlistment is currently 42, though there has been talk of lowering it to 35. The goarmy.com website actually has 35 as the age for enlistment: Enlisted Soldier | GoArmy.com. However, you can read the current regulation here: http://www.apd.army.mil/pdffiles/r601_210.pdf -- age is discussed on page 5, and it says 42. Even though you are an LPN, you would still have to go through basic and AIT (16 weeks of training) -- after all, in the Army we are soldiers first, and you have to learn how to be a soldier. Bear in mind that there is no guarantee you'll even be placed in the MOS (job) that you desire. It depends on the needs of the Army and whether or not they need LPNs at the time you enlist.

    You will likely be eligible for the GI bill for further schooling, but there is currently no tuition assistance for the military due to the budget crisis -- it was just taken away last week.

    If you come in under the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program (ACASP), you could come in as a SPC/E-4. Look at page 86-ish or so in that PDF I linked. I do believe that 68WM6 (LPN) is approved for ACASP, but you might need to have LPN experience as well, not just an LPN license.

    Have you talked to a recruiter? Might be the best thing to do just to sort out the age question up front.
  5. by   JacAn001
    I received a letter advising me I was over the age to enlist. I am 37. The only option now is to get a BSN and attempt to get in that way
  6. by   pacjeffery
    Sounds like I'm too old anyways. If you got a letter saying 37 is too old, what chance do I have at 38?
  7. by   armygirl2013
    Everything in the Army is waiverable, even age. At the height of the wars we were bringing in just about anyone with a pulse. The problem now is the Army is downsizing, so waivers will be slim. Best advice is talk to a recruiter as needs seem to change almost daily! Good luck!
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    armygirl2013 is right -- anything is waiverable if the Army needs your skill set. Let us know what a recruiter says, if you contact one.
  9. by   pacjeffery
    I'll contact one Monday morning. I really hope I get in. My late father would be proud. I know I get to do 16 weeks. I just want in.
  10. by   JacAn001
    And at 37-38 a BSN is not put of the question. The age is still 42 on that. Don't give up
  11. by   nurse2033
    The age for a nurse in the Air Force is 48, you have tons of time.
  12. by   pacjeffery
    Also, since my program is a certificate I'm guessing that doesn't help but does having an associate's degree help along with being an LPN when I go to sign the contract?
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    Help in what way, like coming in at a higher rank? One of our medics has a Bachelors degree, that gave her E-4 when she came in. Not sure that an associates will get you much. Did you talk to a recruiter today?
  14. by   pacjeffery
    I made an appointment for tomorrow morning. I looked on the site and it says if I have 48+ semester credits I come in as an E-3. I may be wrong to figure E-4 with LPN certification. Shouldn't an LPN be a Specialist (68W-M6 or 68C depending on when LPN gets its own MOS).