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I have been following the thread for FY 2013 Air Force nursing and realize that many of the clinical nurses, including myself, were made alternates for FY 2014. The only information I have received... Read More

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    11 days! Im getting more impatient than a kid before Christmas!
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    10 days...
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    Call your recruiters!! results are out! My recruiter just informed me that I have been selected for critical care position. Leaving for COT in January! There is so much to do before than. We are keeping our condo as an income property and renting it out. Have to make arrangements for our kids.. Ahhh. exciting!
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    FYI my recruiter did not know my assignment yet and said that she will know next week. Next item is the background check
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    I got the call today at 4 pm...I have been selected!! No details on assignment yet but it is looking like COT in March!!
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    Probably going to have to wait until Monday to find out as I didn't check this site until 6pm.
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    I also have been selected. Will not know COT or assignment till next week.
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    I just saw these new posts...wow! Congratulations! It is exciting moment. I just emailed my recruiter. Probably wont hear anything until Monday. He is normally good at replying to my emails and text no matter what time. Not sure if I should take this as a bad sign...him not telling me results are in already oh emotions!
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    Is everyone selected critical care?
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    Hi everyone,
    Congrats to all that have been selected!!!
    I have followed thread for a while and quietly lived all the crazy emotions of the wait for the answer that changes lives!
    I am a graduating with my BSN in December but have been a nurse for 7years I applied to this FQ board and am hoping that even though I haven't heard from my recruiter I will get good news!! I currently work in a government facility and Monday is a holiday for us I hope the recruiters still work to give us some answers!! I am hoping for COT in May. I am applying for ER nurse position. I am not prior service but really want this for my career and my family. Look forward to being selected and meeting everyone at COT or hospital we get assigned to!!
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    I am MedSurg. Congratulations to those that have heard. I hope for those that have not heard that you will hear good news.
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    I have to wait until Tues to hear anything!...Columbus is not my friend right now