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    Hello allnurses,

    Thanks in advance for your help! I graduated in January with a BSN in nursing. Like many new grads, I'm facing serious hiring freezes while in debt over $100k! Recently, I've been looking into the Army nurse corps. From many of the websites I've visited, I gather that nurses may receive up to $120,000 in loan repayment. I understand it would be taxed and all, but it still seems a little too good to be true!

    I am just looking to hear from some new grads (or not-so-new grads) who have recently joined the army nurse corps. Do these financial incentives ring true for the majority? How competitive is it to gain a position in the army nurse corps? Once in, what is the general experience for a new grad? What educational opportunities exist (aside from the basics listed on the goarmy website)? Where can I gain access to a list of medical bases? A lot of questions...I know...I guess I am just looking for a general, yet comprehensive overview of what might be in store for me if I joined the army nurse corps.

    Again, I'll appreciate all the help I can get!



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    moved to our government and military nursing forum...see previous posts here ..
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    Student Loan Repayment, GI Bill, Health Insurance, VA Home Loans-- It is not too good to be true! All of that would be in store for you if you joined.. Maybe even a Sign-On Bonus (depending on your field). Your BSN will allow you a direct Commision making you an Officer...(meaning Enlisted soldiers will salute you!).

    You should speak to a recruiter sooner than later as the slots are filling up. You might also scroll through some of threads on this site or do a "search" for additional information. Good Luck.
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    Thanks Tango!
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    It is very competitive right now. Like 79Tango said, contact a recruiter as soon as possible, and go in with the realization that the next selection board to consider applicants will probably not be until the new fiscal year starts in October 2011. Also, be sure you speak with a healthcare recruiter specifically, because the regular recruiters won't have all the information for you. Good luck!!
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    @luna, I have a question for you! since you are in the army, you said that the min req. to be considered to become a nursing officer, is 2 years exp? So there are no chances for new grad RN's right out of nursing school?

    Thank you so much for your time.

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    The 2 year experience is true for right now, but they can change. It does not hurt to speak with a healthcare recruiter to get the most upto date information. Also, it would be a good idea to speak with the Air Force & Navy to see what programs they have.
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    I wonder what a person had in mind when accumulating 100k in loans to get a BSN. I'm sure its a touching subject to that individual but I can't help but wonder what drove a person to do that thinking it was the best decision and now in a bind looks to the military as a parachute out.
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    My army recruiter called to tell me the 2 year thing is for real. The air force would not give me the time of day. The navy has not returned my online inquiry!

    Time to find a job in the real world.
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    I spoke to an Air Force Healthcare Recruiter yesterday, she advised that they do have a program for New Grad's but the boards are once per year and very competitive. GPA needed to be 3.0, would prefer 3.5. Other program one year of experience in field. Hope this helps
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