Army Nurse Corp Reserves advice/input on experience 2016 - page 7

Finally after clearing MEPs, completing 50+page application, finding references and signing my DA61 sheet my packet will go before Army Nurse Board Nov.15 2016, hopefully if I get selected I will... Read More

  1. by   ktRNBSN2016
    Moses did my packet but I've met gonyea a few times. It sounds like i would be part of the unit in Nashville from what I've heard. What about yourself? Where do you work? I'm at Saint Thomas. I feel like I haven't gotten too many straight answers through this process :/
  2. by   Marine7
    I was at St T West for the last 7 years. I'm at select now. If you were at west, I may know you. If you are at midtown, then your just a sky bridge away.
    The unit they paired me with is in Chattanooga. There were no open 66p spots open in Nashville.
  3. by   ktRNBSN2016
    Moses also told me there was a possibility I was going to get paired with a unit in Paducah. Just have to wait and see I guess. I do work at west in the cardiac specialty, everyone knows west is best has Gonyea given you any type of idea as to when we would know the results from this board? I'm getting anxious! My packet was supposed to go to the November board but I only had 3 letters of recommendation back to me on time and they said even though 3 was acceptable I needed to get all 5. So frustrated and ready to just know the fate of things!!
  4. by   Marine7
    I was wanting the unit in Paducah. I hear they deploy a lot. As far as board results, I found out I was on the OML the week after the board met. I'm just sitting around now waiting to hear about coming off the OML and sent to a unit. Mine has been a very long process. I could be a couple of weeks before you hear, but I would not be surprised if it were middle of next week.
    Yes, West is the best! I was Neuro ICU/CVICU/House Supervisor there. I left after I graduated NP school.
  5. by   ktRNBSN2016
    Moses told me a decent amount of people who are OMLed initially will be able to be assigned to a unit during that fiscal year and if not, everything in the army comes in tides and they will eventually have a shortage of 66P. Don't be discouraged! My husband is an active duty infantry officer at campbell and all he keeps saying is "welcome to the army". I love STW, much closer staff and a better patient care experience than midtown but that's a whole different story let me know if you hear anything from Gonyea, there's definitely a chance that your status could change after this week's board from what my husband has told me! Because of the small number of spots and there only being like 4 weeks between boards, they might have just wanted to look at the full applicant pool at this time before coming to a decision.
  6. by   BermudaTriangle
    Any word..
  7. by   ktRNBSN2016
    I haven't heard anything about the December board yet :/ recruiter told me things are going to be slow because of block leave and holidays
  8. by   Marine7
    Quote from Skiggers
    Any word..
    @Skiggers,,,, Nothing yet.. Just hanging out on the OML!!
  9. by   BermudaTriangle

    I guess I'll be hanging with you as well!

    I think this year I will be applying to the Navy as well.
  10. by   RayRN87
    Just wanted to see how everyone was doing, it's been 2 months since my recruiter told me I was selected to become a 1st lieutenant for the army nurse corp reserves. Apparently the process is slow and I've come to get use to it (it did take me about 5-6 months to get my whole packet together). Does anyone have any feedback or input on the reserve commissioning process ? Or do I just need to sit tight and be patient? Thanks guys hope all is well and happy new year to everyone here !
  11. by   GetBehindtheBarn
    Be patient - just curious - do you have any prior service?
  12. by   GetBehindtheBarn
    If you want to advance in your career (have a good looking OER, move beyond O3, etc.) you will need to tackle training as your Unit needs you to be trained.
    Also, as you rise, you will need to consider drilling in different locations. I have some ppl in my Unit that travel a great distance to drill each month. A few I can think of off hand - a Nurse who travels from TX to DE, a Doc who travel from Puerto Rico to the Mainland, etc. etc. etc.
  13. by   RayRN87
    Thank you for your information - no prior service, I was tossing between active vs reserve but I am divorced with 2 boys and moving isn't an option at this time - so I chose 3 year reserve (5 year IRR) and will start as an O2. Just very excited for the opportunity but I will just sit tight and try my best to be patient - thanks!