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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone else currently starting or in... Read More

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    Not till after March 8th I think :-( This waiting is horrible!! I think most are med/surg and I am crit care. Good luck to you!!

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    Yeah, I heard the same as Carlily, March 8th. I'm trying for Med/Surg. Has anyone heard anything? I've gone through previous board's threads and it seems like results are usually a few days late. I haven't heard from my recruiter since Jan 3rd when we submitted my packet. Hopefully no news is good news.
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    Well, news from my recruiter is that the board results are still scheduled to come out on March 8. She claims that results could be delayed, but there is no way of telling. Stay busy and try not to think about it. Good luck to everyone.
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    Well that's good to hear!
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    hey everyone,

    I havent heard anything new from my recruiter so i assume the results are still around the 8th. I am applying for a med surg slot as well. when I had applied to the february boards last year, i didnt get a call until about a week after the results were supposodly released. then again each recruiter could just be quicker on getting the answers out to their people quicker than others as well, so who knows. I am just glad that my packet didnt get sent back this time unreviewed to be sent for the next board like that just happened this past november board selection for me. LOL. since i didnt hear anything back from my recruiter this time, I am assuming my packet will actually be reviewed this time finally-LOL. good luck to everyone waiting
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    Hi all- so I confirmed my interview with the chief nurse for this Saturday morning. It is for a clinical nurse slot in an ANG unit. Any suggestions or ideas on what I might get asked? I've been told I might be asked if I understand the mission of the Air Force and the mission of the unit. I've found the AF mission online, but I can't find the unit mission on their website. I know basically what the unit does, but no written mission. I've also been told I'll likely be asked why I want to join, and I'm having a hard time putting that into words too.
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    hey mamakellyd,

    here are some things i was asked.

    1. why do you want to join
    2. do you know what the air force mission is and what it means to you
    3. what are your future goals
    4. how do you feel about deployment
    5. describe a patient experience that involved critical thinking
    6. describe a patient experience that involved an ethical dilemma
    7. what are you exercise routines and what do you do to stay active/fit
    8. think about what you have to offer and why you would be a good fit for the AF.

    if I think of anymore i will let you know. good luck on your interview this saturday.
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    I spoke with my recruiter some info and we should most likely hear right around if not on March 8th...I think they have made thier decisions...Pretty much just sitting here freaking out haha :-) Hope you guys are staying busy, this next week is going to stink!! AGGGGHHHHH hehe
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    Glad you were able to hear something! This is getting so nerve wrecking. Only one more week hopefully. I emailed my recruiter last week just to check in, but he hasn't responded. Hope everyone has a great weekend
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    hey everyone,

    i have thought about contacting my recruiter but havent yet. LOL. I am hoping too that we hear something next friday and not have to wait any longer than that. like others, i have been throught this wait before. for some reason, i am not as nervous waiting this time but i know i will be once i see that phone ring with my recruiters name on it!!!! LOL. I agree, just try to stay busy this next week.

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