There's a Mousetrap In My Med Cart - page 8

As some classmates in our RN nursing program gathered around in a small group this morning, I sided up and listened to a story that quickly carried me back in time when I was a newly licensed... Read More

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    yeah I totally could relate to this article but my supervisior isn't as nice. I have dinning room duty like every day that i work so I lose time with that too, so I am always running behind. It is not fair they need to rotate the timings.

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    "By law, the medication nurse isn't supposed to be helping patients to the bathroom while passing meds"

    That is news to me...
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    Yeah only when the state is there do our higher ups actually follow the rules and let us focus on med pass, otherwise we get our butts kicked for not helping
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    Every day I play beat the clock and the clock always wins!! I don't know how other nurses finish so quickly but I suspect they are taking shortcuts I refuse to take. So I just do the best I can and vow to be faster next time..
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    I have been playing the same game only a few times will I win, most of the time the clock wins
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    I love the story on this page, it details my typical day perfectly.
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    News to me must just be ​her facility's policy/procedure. Possibly for sanitary reasons or infection control?
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    yes, that is so funny..the beating the clock too! every day I pray and try to beat that clock. it's crazy, i'll feel like I'm on a roll and might actually do it because it seems I've passed meds to about 20 people, then I'll say to myself wow, I only have a few left..res a, b, c, d, oh yeah and e, oh wait, there's still f, g, h, and I...oh and j, k, and l. Oh wow, I'm not even halfway done!!!!!
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    LMAO @ "Signed under duress. Med passes done outside the open window causes included a patient who had fallen and who required fall protocol procedures as well as the requirement to care for the Charge Nurse who exhibited symptoms of cardiac distress. No assistance was given even to me even though I notified heard nurse of the impending problem." zunsyne!!

    Loved this article; so glad to know I'm not alone. (But MUST we disparage the night nurses? I've had my fair share of report from 6-6 and 2-10 nurses who spend more time on gossip than report, and/or are also tired/frazzled)

    Many great suggestions here for this problem, and an awesome example of excellent leadership to end the article perfectly! Printed and shared. Like others, reading this made my stomach tie up in knots all over again. Keep writing!!
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    whoopsdaisy same here, falls happen or something goes south with someone and my charge nurse is MIA, I hate when I have to man my cart plus go do her job, it takes precious time I need for my patients

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