So, who LOVES LTC?? I need inspiration!

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    So, I took a good-paying position with a LTC; I start next week.
    I am very, very tired of switching jobs; I've done it a lot in my
    nine years of being a nurse. I've actually left some good jobs
    that I should have never left, but back as recently as two or
    three years ago, jobs were still plentiful and it was easier to
    "job hop". Now I have a lot of regrets....

    But ANYWAY, this job is with a large company and I think it
    would be in my best interest to stick with this job and this
    company. I've done LTC before and most of the time, didn't
    HATE it, but I also worked at a fairly GOOD LTC.

    So, for inspiration I want to hear from those of you who LOVE
    your LTC job, and why! I would even like to hear from those
    of you who work in a "bad" LTC, but stick around because
    you really love it and because, well, someone has to do it.

    I've been drawing my own stregnth from the Lord... I feel
    like maybe he has led me to this point....
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    You love it because you love forming a relationship with your elderly patients. You have the time to really get to know them, and they you. Some may become like "grandparents" to your children if you let them visit. You really miss them when they pass, but your life was enriched by knowing them.
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    I worked in a (terrible) LTC 12 years ago. I still think about the many people I met who called that place home. Yes, they enriched my life. I wish I could have stayed. You build relationships in LTC like no other health care setting.
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    What I truly love about LTC are the relationships you begin to build with the residents. I didn't see that much in acute care. I also love many of the other nurses and CNAs that I get to work with! I hope you love your new job!!
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    I love LTC. I love the long term relationship, the 'family' feeling I have with my residents. I can tell you their likes, dislikes, what makes them angry, happy, and what their favorite beverages are.

    I went from a poor facility with terrible ratios to a facility with wonderful ratios, and I enjoy it that much more thanks to the extra attention I can give each resident.

    I also feel like I really make a difference in their lives. I always give a smile, and I believe they know I care. I help to relieve their pain and increase whatever quality of life which remains, so I feel like I make a big difference in their lives.
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    If your like my wife you will probably really enjoy this new position. My wife is a very compassionate person who really connects well with older people in need. She is a new grad RN and her dream job is working in LTC. She had an interview at a facility here in Phoenix this week and I hope she is offered the position.

    I hope to see you posting back with happy experiences in your new position.
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    I personally work in a prison psychiatric ward, however with that being said, it is most like a long term. I have had most of my patients for more than 2 years now. I have only been there for 3. I love being in a place where I can form a lasting reltaionship with my patients. I have an older population that are mostly in their 50's -60 years old. They suffer from dementia and other psychiatric illnesses. I find it much more rewarding than a hospital.

    Good Luck!
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    I love LTC because its homey. The downside is you get attached to patients and next thing you know 8 years later and they pass away
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    I just.. dislike hospitals for many, many reasons, but just one of them
    is that I have to deal with so many new people on a regular basis. I
    like LTC because I do get to form bonds.

    It is really sad when they pass away though. One of my favorite residents
    from my last LTC just passed away.
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    I love love love LTC and have spent my whole career (14 years so far) with the same company. Like everyone else has said the best part is the relationships you form with the residents. I work in a wonderful facility and it is like one big family
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