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  1. HusbandofNewGradRN

    banner health new grad interiew

    Can anyone tell me where to find out about these Banner Recruitment events ? I did not see anything advertised on their website about this latest one and my wife never heard about it either. Thanks in advance !
  2. HusbandofNewGradRN

    underweight kid

    As the parent of a young child who is in the 10th percentile in regards to height and weight for his age group I would be smoking hot if I had ANYONE from the school stick their nose where it doesn't belong. As long as the child is showing no obvious signs of abuse there is no reason to to insinuate anything is not right.Maybe the child has a high metabolism, maybe the child has a parent who is small and petite. There are many reasons why some kids are obviously smaller and not developed as others their age. That's why they have those graduated scales right? So 95% of kids that age are bigger, what's the big deal?That's just my thoughts on your post so please don't take it personal.
  3. HusbandofNewGradRN

    7 on / 7 off

    Let me start off by saying that I am not a RN but I work in a field that has some similarities.We are a 24/7/365 operation including holidays. There is always people at work. With that said I would be looking for another place of employment if my employer tried to pull that no vacation accrued bs with me. If you break it down, based on a 40 hour work week you work real close to the same amount of hours but come up a tad bit short. The difference in hours/wages is made up by working OT hours when your on schedule.Just my opinion but I would be looking for another place to work asap.
  4. HusbandofNewGradRN

    7 on / 7 off

    I have worked this specific schedule going on 8+ years now and I absolutely love it. As with other schedules you learn to overcome and adapt. One downside when working this schedule and mine is 7/12's then 7/off is when taking vacation days you have to burn 12 hours but if done right you can have a 21 days off burning 7 days vacation only. Anyways I like it but it certainly isn't for everyone.
  5. HusbandofNewGradRN

    Maricopa Integrated Health System New Grad RN

    So my wife has an upcoming interview scheduled for MIHS New Grad RN Program. Looking for any kind of tips or pointers that might better prepare her for this 4-panel interview. She has been working in Home Health for the last 8 months. Current certifications in BLS, ACLS and PALS and is currently enrolled in the RN to BSN at Grand Canyon University. Thanks in advance !
  6. HusbandofNewGradRN

    New Grad Quitting After Less Than a Year (advice!)

    I certainly wouldn't worry too much or feel bad at all. Those same hospitals will discard you like yesterdays trash and not even blink. Give the customary 2 week notice and that should suffice.Good luck!
  7. HusbandofNewGradRN

    Is Banner ever going to start hiring external new grads in AZ???

    Congrats to you on getting a position with Banner !! My wife is basically in the same boat, graduating at the same time and also with an ADN, only found work in Home Health. After literally a thousand applications, phone calls, drop-ins and everything else still no luck with the hospitals. Prior to nursing school my wife was employed by Banner as a phlebotomist but resigned to concentrate on her studies, graduated with honors and Banner still will not give her the time of day. She also has a BS-Medical Technologist and that hasn't helped either and she is now pursuing her BSN. It is kind of ironic but my wife has told me at this point she is very happy with being an RN - Home Health as she gets to make her own schedule and doesn't have to put up with all the political bs. She feels kind of fortunate as many RN's have not been able to find any kind of nursing position. Good luck with your new position. :)
  8. HusbandofNewGradRN

    Moving to Phoenix area...advice needed on Hospital and Living

    If you want to spend your entire paycheck you might be lucky to find something other than a cardboard box in the Biltmore area. Where did you get hired on at will help with suggestions as to where to look for housing ?
  9. HusbandofNewGradRN

    I dont' have a clue what to do, please someone help me.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Have you sat down yet and wrote down on paper a detailed list ofwhat happened during this "incident" ? If not I suggest you do so, you never know when you are being recorded and they may even intentionally contact you in hopes of confusing you and getting multiple stories that differ. Are you in a nurses union ? If so you have the right to exercise your Wiengarten Rights which allows you to have union representation present during an investigatory interview. If your not in a nurses union you may take the time to consult legal council. I think you may find that an initial consultation with a lawyer versed in this area will do wonders on what you should or should not do. In any event try to relax and don't let yourself be pushed around. Find out your rights and push back if you have to. Alot of medical facilities and some of the management work solely on intimidation thinking you won't stand up. the same goes for state and other government agencies. Good luck !
  10. HusbandofNewGradRN

    1 month after interview and still nothing?

    I wouldn't worry too much, my wife had two interviews back in early June and both have had similar outcomes like you have posted about. As a matter of fact it has now been past 3 months and never an email, call back as promised or rejection. Those HR and Nurse Managers are very busy people but one must really sit back and ask themselves " Do I really want to work for someone/someplace that said they would contact after an interview but has all but blown me off ". I would say that answer would be no, it only takes a few seconds to send an email or return a phone call. They expect you to use professional courtesy but rarely if ever give it back in return. However, I will say this the company I work for can drag it's feet for month's on end when hiring to fill a position. Best of luck to you !
  11. HusbandofNewGradRN

    Verde Valley Medical Center.. New Grad Openings

    My wife applied for this position and already received the rejection email this morning. That was pretty quick !! She has been working home health so she has been working to keep her skills fresh and seems to be of the opinion that if she finds a position working in a hospital thats fine but she is doing good where she is at right now. She actually likes the flexible schedule and not having to deal with all the hospital political b.s.. There is no shortage of nurses, but there is a shortage of employers who are willing to train new grads. I suppose not only the economy is a reason for this but also the fear of training nurses who you know will leave once the pendulum swings back and there is an actual shortage of nurses. Good luck to all struggling to find work.
  12. HusbandofNewGradRN

    July Abrazo New Grad Program

    Sorry to hear that Enchanted, I was hoping at least one person in this thread was going to get a position with Abrazo.
  13. HusbandofNewGradRN

    July Abrazo New Grad Program

    She had an interview last week for a position with Banner but hasn't heard anything back just yet. She has been working a Home Health RN position for about a month now. She would really like to find a position as a Transplant RN or something closely related so her search continues. :)
  14. HusbandofNewGradRN

    July Abrazo New Grad Program

    That's great news !! Good luck with your new position, I am sure you will do great !
  15. HusbandofNewGradRN

    July Abrazo New Grad Program

    Must have been a top secret phone call. :)Glad to hear that someone in this thread has been contacted, hopefully it pans out.
  16. HusbandofNewGradRN

    July Abrazo New Grad Program

    My wife said her status changed this morning and she is out also. Good luck to whoever is still surviving. :)