So tired..why are they all the same.

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    I'm so stressed, tired and frustrated, once again we are down to working 11 day pay periods with 1 day off, I just can't do this anymore. I find myself getting more and more depressed everyday. So many nurses are quiting without even a days notice. it's frustrating that all the nurses they have hired have not stayed past a month, if they even stay thru the orientation. When the new nurses quit, it's those of us who have been there for awhile who get stuck working every day for 2 wks without a day off. and it goes soo unappreciated. Why are we so underappreciated when we are the one's who have been sticking it out through all the 10+ nurses who have quit in the last 6 months. I have heard from some of the dayshift nurses who have been there for a few years, say how much fun it is to work on the 4th of July cause they always have a cookout for the staff and residents. well that didn't happen this year. I guess they cut that out. The dayshift nurses were a little disappointed cause they were expecting it. It scares me. the state regulations with nurse to resident ratio is ridiculous. they honestly believe 1 nurse can give quality care to 50+ residents ? how can one nurse do that and have it be efficient ?? it's the same story, i read on here about other places and it's no different from where I work. They are all the same.
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    I work in LTC too. I am getting more depressed each day too. I stay because I need a steady job and steady paycheck. I try to do the best I can do and that's all I can do. I live for my days off. Your LTC job sounds even worse than mine. You only have one day off.
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    Oh man, I don't even have to ask why the new nurses are quitting. It's a sinking ship and they're jumping out as quickly as possible. Maybe you should look into doing the same. 11 days in a row? Noooo thank you! That's a little extreme even for live to work types. Find a job that isn't going to kill you, physically or emotionally/mentally, and find it fast :x. Best of luck to you!
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    I totally understand! Find something new....that may be hard to do right now, but HHC companies are hiring like crazy. And with your LTC experience, you'll be perfect. The pay is less, but the benefits are way more!
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    I'm also in LTC and we have similar issues. The work environment is great, but we are a rural facility. People leave because it's isolated, there's added skills required (more acute than LTC due to location) and a never ending cycle of staffing issues.

    These days, nursing in general has many issues. Terrible staffing and low morale is all too common no matter the specialty. Start sending out the resumes and consider additional areas you would enjoy working. Enroll in a course if possible....learning might shift your focus. And have an end date in sight. Good luck!
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    That's why I'm part time. I can work a full time schedule if I want to, but they can't make me work the extra shifts. My facility doesn't need to force people to work crazy hours. Many of us are eager to sign up for extra work. Maybe you're in the wrong facility? Why stay for so many years if you're not treated well?
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    With the abundance of diversified opportunities within nursing, why stay at any job that dissatisfies?
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    They're not all the same. I have reasonable staffing ratios....people get vacations....we just had a 4th of July cookout. There are good places out there.
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    What state is OP in? I'm in the market for a job. I've been through some doozies, also, fact!
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    Wow, OP, my SNF is the same way. They make us work a long string of days (or in my case, NOCS) with only one day off. This is especially difficult for me, because I don't sleep well during the day.

    I am thinking of either quitting or telling them I want to go on call. I need a full time paycheck, but I really have no life because I'm either working or sleeping on my days off.

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