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PeacockMaiden has 3 years experience and specializes in psychiatric nursing.

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  1. PeacockMaiden

    Sacramento VA

    What position did you apply for?
  2. PeacockMaiden

    Sacramento VA

    They offered me grade 3 step 4. I ended up not taking the job because my current employer offered me $20 more per hour. I am sad that I can't have the VA benefits though.
  3. PeacockMaiden

    Sacramento VA

    I was just offered a position at the Sacramento VA for a psych nurse practitioner. The salary quote was low. I tried to negotiate but they wouldn't budge. Does anyone work at the Mather location? Do you like it?
  4. PeacockMaiden

    Drexel DNP or PhD

    I'm interested to know too.
  5. In anyone attending the program: (DNP) with a concentration in Integrative Health at Regis? Regis College Doctor of Nursing Practice: Integrative Health Concentration
  6. PeacockMaiden

    Best Doctorate Degree

    I am very interested in the Mind-Body PhD at Saybrook. I am try to decide between that program and the DNP with the Integrative Health concentration at Regis. I want to be able to teach someday at a university, so while I like the looks of the curriculum at Saybrook, and I think the DNP from Regis would be more marketable. What are your plans to use your degree in mind / body?
  7. PeacockMaiden

    All the degrees, no job

    I agree with what many people are saying here and what I previously said here about the DNP program that I am currently in (which I will drop or take a leave of absence from after this semester is over). I really enjoyed my DNP classes and the classwork was interesting and I'm learning a lot about research, administration, and policy. However, any job I get as a NP will be to prescribe medications and provide basic education, that's it. Employers don't care about my knowledge of research and policy. (They probably should, but that is not the reality of the jobs being offered to many practicing NPs). The DNP degree with it's current curriculum is missing the mark on filling the needs of what most employers in practice want from their NPs. More education on advanced clinical skills would be valuable for most employers...research and policy skills, not so much. I don't know how the current curriculum of DNP programs can be changed to reflect the reality of what employers want and what practitioners want because there seems to be a big disconnect. If enrollment goes down in DNP programs then maybe the curriculum will change.
  8. PeacockMaiden

    All the degrees, no job

    The focus was psychiatric nursing, and I am adding on the psych NP certification since I already have a MSN. I already completed the 3 P's classes in a AGNP program and those classes were not that rigorous, in my opinion. I never assumed the DNP would increase a RNs salary. I read the curriculum descriptions before I enrolled, but the descriptions were vague and I was hoping the classes would have more clinical relevance. My opinion that DNPs are not respected in clinical practice is apparent in that they usually don't receive any compensation or very little for having a DNP. Additionally, it is my observation from talking to colleagues (but that is anecdotal evidence, I realize that). If I was younger (I'm 45) and had more money, I'd finish the degree. The DNP classes I took so far were interesting, from an academic standpoint. Gosh, if anyone wants to get the DNP, have at it, but I'm not going to do it until it is more clinically based, similar to the training that PA's receive in diagnostics, differentials, advanced pharmacology and pathophysiology. It just doesn't make financial sense for me at this time.
  9. PeacockMaiden

    All the degrees, no job

    I have done two semesters of a DNP program, just long enough to learn it will not teach me advanced clinical skills and it is focused on research and policy, as the other posters above stated. So I am dropping the program. I love education, but I have 3 degrees already, and I don't have time or money to spend on the DNP to get nothing substantial in return. The DNP is only useful if you want to go into academia, however it is not as impressive as a PhD in the world of academia. The DNP is largely not respected in clinical practice and will do nothing to reduce the discrepancies in compensation between nurse practitioners and our physician colleagues.
  10. I like psychguy's posts too! I'm currently in an online NP program in a well known state program (the school is discussed on allnurses frequently). We have to find our own preceptors. The school provides a list of past sites, but it is largely outdated. I have called all the sites on the list in my area and either they say they are not taking students or they don't respond at all. It has been one of the worst experiences ever to try to find preceptors. It added so much stress. I have a preceptor who is good and she allows me see most of your patients. I have two other preceptors who will only allow me to observe and they make it clear they are too busy to answer many questions. But I took what preceptors I could find, because 'beggars can't be choosers', which is a terrible sentiment when you are talking about an advanced education for an advanced career. And my school does not do site visits. How can they? My clinical instructor oversees students in 3 states. I was going to apply to a program 2 hours away from my house that DOES find preceptors and has a residency program. The cost was 3 times the tuition of my current program. I choose my current program because I could pay out of pocket for it. Now I really, really, really regret that decision. I do not feel I am getting a good education. This school is a disorganized mess even with their didactic classes. They are charging tuition for doing next to nothing. With the state of NP education, no wonder nurses are not valued.
  11. PeacockMaiden

    All the degrees, no job

    The DNP is not a valued degree. I'm in a DNP program and I'm going to drop it because it doesn't make financial sense to continue at this point.
  12. PeacockMaiden

    PMHNP exam

    What a rude post by Harmonizer!
  13. PeacockMaiden

    Passing the ANCC- PMHNP exam.. Please HELP.

    Where do you find the ANCC test questions for purchase? I looked on the ANCC and didn't see anything. Also, where do we buy the ANCC study guide? I saw some study guides on the ANCC website, but how do I know which is the right manual to buy? It's not clearly stated.
  14. PeacockMaiden

    Why is finding a preceptor so blahblah difficult!

    I agree the the PA school stance. I wish I went to a brick and mortar school. There is one that is a two hour drive one way, but I would have done it if I had known what a nightmare this would be. However the post masters program is $32,000 per year. Too expensive for me, or I would have switched.
  15. PeacockMaiden

    I finally got certified as a CARN, as well

    How would you recommend studying for it? I do have the book.
  16. PeacockMaiden

    How do you explain the DNP?

    I am considering taking a leave of absence from the DNP to reevaluate it. I am academically inclined, so from that stand point I am finding it fulfilling personally. But I'm not sure if I can justify the cost of time and money just to satisfy academic fulfillment. Not sure what I'm going to do in this regard.

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