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Is there a regulation that facilities must screen residents for this? Differ by state?... Read More

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    could the "dirty old man" be part of a generation of not talking about, or covering up incest/sexual abuse commited by these men. I remember too many old men trying to grab or touch the LNA's or Nurses. If it was an isolated incedent then nothing came out of it. but if it continued, we would contact the doctor for some "female" hormones some docs would do it some would try an antidepressant or anti anxiety. One man in particular we had him on constant observation when he was out of his room, not allowed near the women. The doc only wanted to try a low dose Paxil, which didn't help. It wasn't until he grabbed the but of a little girl visiting her great grandmother did things get in motion. He was given a 30 day notice, his son came in and told him he needed to knock it off. Which did nothing as the man didn't even know who he was. The medical director interviened as his regular doc still wouldn't medicate him with anything. That very day he was on estrogen and olanzipine. Other then his sexual behaviors he was pleasently confused. He eventually stopped the touchy feely stuff. If we had a man LNA on he did his care, even if he came from another unit. Oh and documentation, usually a page a day!

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