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I would like to hear stories of people who saw a home get cleaned out of staff because a new DON came in. It happened to me. Great eval's then when she came on I couldn't do anything right in her eyes. I have seen at least 20... Read More

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    I have been at the same facility since 1972. The DON, ADON, lasted a year after the administer retired in 1978. Then we had a parade it seemed of administers, DONs and ADONs. In 1995 we got a new female administer who really got along with staff well, the DON retired, so one of the unit coordinators who had been a DON in another facility years back applied and became our new DON. They worked well together and I can not say that I remember any of the house cleaning mentioned. Our administer left last year and was replaced by her assistant. Our DON is leaving next month. I have applied for her job and have my interview on Thursday. I know our staff, our strengths and weaknesses. I have been the inservice director for 3 years and before that a supervisior and floor nurse. I hope that if I get the position I will be able to make a difference in a facility I love and for staff who just need a little direction at time.

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    Where I work, we have had more Administrator turnover than DON turnover. Ive been here almost 10 yrs....been through 4 DONs, and I cant remember how many administrators. The current DON has been here about 3 yrs now...came from Florida to NC....she didnt bring any workers with her but she started immediately changing our policies and procedures to the "florida" way of doing it. She always says "In Florida we did it this way etc etc etc ".....she hasnt really cleaned house though.....she is a talker, not a doer. She will talk about needing to get rid of the bad ones, yet never does until something drastic happens. She just got rid of an aide (I caught her sleeping on the job) who shouldve been gone 2 yrs ago for many many many things among her many write ups. The only reason she was fired is because we have a new ADON who is not going to tolerate such nonsense. The DON however, lets stuff be swept under the rug, she cannot communicate or direct, she doesnt deal with staffing issues big or small til shes backed into a corner, she is a pro at passing the buck (I wonder if thats how she did it in Flordia??) to anybody. I wish she'd do some serious inservicing for some of our aides with nasty attitudes and bad work ethics.
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    I have been a LTC nurse for 16 years and I have seen so many DON's come and go that I lost count years ago.Some come in determined to make sweeping changes. And in the short term they are successful. They raise the hope of the employees when things in the faciity change for the better. better staffing, better staff moral
    but ultimatly they run into a brick wall when the people above her start to veto what they want to do because it isnt in the budget. You can only butt up against that wall for so long before you get sick of it and you just give up and resign. Those are the DON's you miss that, that you remember. Then there are the Corporate DON's that
    are there only to use the postition as another step up the ladder these don's dont clean house they pretend you dont exist and needless to say their doors arent only not open to you they are LOCKED. These DON"S cant leave quickly enough. It really isnt their fault they are just a rung in the chain.

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