Mentally ILL in SNF's: Danger to the Elderly - page 3

I read this article and was dismayed to find that SNF's are becoming the new dumping ground for the mentally ill, often with disastrous results. The lack of beds/pysch facilities for the mentally... Read More

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    When you see allergies to haldol, thorazine and a slew of other pshych meds, should make you wonder what they were dx with in the first place...then when you did and actually see the dx with pchizopherenian and then they have all of these allergies to antipsychotics....Would you think this would be a good placement for a LTC facility that isn't really psych specialty.......

    yes,,,it happens.

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    Oh wow...I remember that horrible fire in CT but I had just assumed that the 23 year old woman who started it was a staff member, not a pt!

    This line from the article just killed me:
    Also, mixing the mentally ill with the elderly makes economic sense for states. As long as a nursing home's mentally ill population stays under 50 percent, the federal government will help pay for the residents' care under Medicaid. Otherwise, the home is classified a mental institution, and the government won't pay.
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    Perhaps the people who make the rules about funding would like to spend a few nights with a mentally ill person for their roommate.

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