How many of you are forced to clock out to stay back and chart? - page 4

I don't understand this SNF world... I'm usually forced to clock out on time unless i got a fall or an admission that day. I usually cant finish 2 medpasses & treatments in an 8-hr time frame. I would have to stay 4-5 hrs back... Read More

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    I would contact the labor board, they will go investigate!
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    Quote from msn10
    You don't need a union to solve the problem, it is against the law and you can write your nursing board and the your state's labor board as well. Hold off on the attorney until you go to your state's website to see the specific instructions on how to handle the problem. Many states have paid representatives that listen to you on a case by case basis and tell you how to proceed. Some people like unions, I had the opposite experience. We had a situation with union involvement which ended up polarizing the nurses at a facility I use to work at and many left because of the union, not the workplace. Because of the plethora of newer labor laws in the last 10 years, many things can be handled through labor laws.
    But if this facility had been unionized, this never would have happened in the first place. Plus laborers and managers are polarized by nature, not by unions.
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