Elders Say the Darnedest Things! - page 9

As anyone who's ever worked with the elderly knows, every care facility has its "characters": the curmudgeon, the hothouse flower, the Church Lady. And the best-kept secret in the business is the... Read More

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    We had an elderly patient for several days, who was drowsy, unresponsive, and didn't move a muscle on his own. No words, sounds, or movements for days. Suddenly, I see him sitting on the side of the bed, trying to stand himself up. I ask him where he's going...his response:

    (at the TOP of his lungs)

    ...Clearly, he had started feeling a little better.
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    An older guy I worked with once told me "you know you're getting old when you and your teeth don't sleep in the same room anymore!" Also, "you know you're getting old when you step off the sidewalk and have to look behind you to make sure it's still there!"
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