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    Hi everybody:
    I recently bought a new pair of sketchers shape-ups. I love those shoes they are very comfortable and good looking. I stand on my feet all shift. I used said shoes one day but at the end of my shift I got a horrible sharp pain in my lower back I almost cry and it lasted for about 3 weeks. Has anyone experience this problem with this kind of shoes? Currently I am looking for the best shoes to work that do not bother my lower back. Thanks in advance.

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    I wear alegria's. They look ridiculous, but I can feel a huge difference in my back when I wear them.
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    Quote from laderalis
    I wear alegria's. They look ridiculous, but I can feel a huge difference in my back when I wear them.
    Thanks for your response. Can you tell me the style that you use? Thanks again.
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    I always wear Quarks - they are so light it's like not wearing anything at all. I have chronic back and neck problems, as well as horrible old nurses feet - and these are always comfortable!
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    I had a really hard time finding shoes when I first got into nursing! I bought three different pairs at the uniform store, and I got rid of them all because they would all hurt my feet after a day of work. I ended up buying a pair of Nike Air Max's at Foot Locker. They were just plain and white and they have been a true blessing! I bought two of the same pairs because I've had such luck with them. I hope you find a great pair of shoes! Nursing sure does a number on your feet.
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    When I first graduated baxk when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I spent 12 hours searching for the perfect pair of shoes. They lasted for three years. After that...I bought 8 dollar white sneakers from KMart and never had sore feet or a bad back.
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    i have never heard of Quarks, I'll have to check them out. I have worn Danskos as a teacher-good 6-8 hour shoes at best. I spent the money on the Alegrias and I guess my arches are too high. VERY painful. I have to see if I can sell them, I only wore them 6 times. Right now, my favorites are the Shechers D'Lites. I have had a pair for over 2 years and I managed through 12 hour clinical days. I need new pair. They are only about 50 dollars.
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    Easy Spirit in the Traveltime family works for me. They slip on very easily and can be machine washed if you take out the liner. Very light weight and I have no problem keeping them on my feet. When I exercise though, I wear a pair of easy spirit sneakers with laces that work well for my wide clodhoppers, LOL.
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    I really like Danskos. They look silly, but mine have conformed to my feet and given my arches the support they need.
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    I like brooks walking shoes, but I might look around for different ones, just to try something new.

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