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I am thinking of going back to school for an Associates RN after being a medical transcriptionist for twenty five years. I am a little overwhelmed at all that might entail but nursing has been a lifelong dream. Anyone started... Read More

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    I actually have that book and others. I start with a private tutor tomorrow and I'm retaking the compass on July 18th. God willing, I will get that extra point.

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    You can do it. I'm 37 and started out taking the Compass scored low and worked my way up to College Algebra!! Praying for you!!!
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    When I took the compass at 29, I scored low on the math part as well and had to take two remedial courses. It's not that I was bad at math, just that I didn't remember all the formulas for graphing equations and such that I learned in high school. I don't think it that unreasonable for that stuff to fall out of your head if you never use it. So the beginners algebra was just like a refresher to me - like "oh yeah, I remember this stuff". I got A's in both remedial classes and College Algebra. I'm glad I took the remedial classes because College Algebra would have been tough without them. And I think if you can get through them all, then clinical calculations shouldn't be too hard. Good luck!
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    Your age is irrelevant...if anything, it will be a help to you. Go for it - if you don't at least try you will end up with regret down the line:
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    I agree Marshall1!!!!
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    I had NO algebra, just a fragment of memory from 40 years ago. I watched videos on youtube and it helped me test into math 0098. before that I tested into math 0097. It's not great, but it saves me a semester of developmental math, which, at Gwinnett Tech they have redesigned math, so that possibly I could progress into math 99 in one semester. Its difficult making a schedule since I can't take the biologies until I've passed math 99. But still I'm plodding on, obstacles or no.

    Here are some video lessons on math 0097 from

    good luck!
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    Thanks to all for the encouragment. I have crammed my brain full and the retake on the compass is this Wednesday morning. Please say a prayer for me if you will. I am so afraid I will freeze up and forget all I have learned in the past month. I just need that one extra point! Back to Sal and Khan academy lol
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    Good luck! You can do it.
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    I passed!!!!! I retook the compass today and tested into intermediate algebra before college algebra thanks to lots of studying, prayer and Khan Academy. My first try on the compass I made a 19. Today a 34!!! wooohooo Not enough to pass out of the intermediate but I'm THRILLED. Now waiting on my official acceptance letter so I can register for classes. Someone told me today that they won't let you take credit hour courses until you have finished all noncredit courses so we will see. I have read enough on here though to give me incentive to keep going even if that is the case! Happy today!
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    YAY! I'm so happy for you. I would double-check with your adviser about the non-credit/credit courses just to be sure.
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