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I was laid off from my job and since I've had no luck finding another one, I decided to take this opportunity to become a nurse, which is something I've been interested in for years, but didn't seem like something I was financially free to do. I was inspired to become a nurse by the Home Health Care nurses and caregivers who visited my Mother during the years of her chronic illness. She loved them dearly because they were so good to her. They came to her funeral. I want to help others. I also want the freedom from having to go to a single piece of real estate, day after day, year after year, dealing with the politics of hierarchy.

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  1. I'm starting the prerequisites this fall. There was a glitch that just got cleared up so I'm registering now and so many classes are closed! I can't start the Biologies until I complete math 099, so that's causing a delay for me. Anybody else having problems setting up a doable schedule? A study group is a good idea, I'm in Norcross, just fyi. I hope we can find time to get together with people going through the same thing.
  2. shesjo

    Trying for Gwinnett Tech Fall 2013

    I'm taking the pre-reqs starting Fall 2012. I have wanted to be a nurse for years, but there seemed to be so many obstacles. Like developmental math classes, having to work, how to afford it, etc., but I going to try anyway. I'm a "mature" student". Glad yall are here for support! Thanks :)
  3. shesjo

    Thinking of starting nursing school at 47

    I had NO algebra, just a fragment of memory from 40 years ago. I watched videos on youtube and it helped me test into math 0098. before that I tested into math 0097. It's not great, but it saves me a semester of developmental math, which, at Gwinnett Tech they have redesigned math, so that possibly I could progress into math 99 in one semester. Its difficult making a schedule since I can't take the biologies until I've passed math 99. But still I'm plodding on, obstacles or no. Here are some video lessons on math 0097 from GPC.edu http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~ahendric/Math0097/videoclipspage.htm good luck!