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I am thinking of going back to school for an Associates RN after being a medical transcriptionist for twenty five years. I am a little overwhelmed at all that might entail but nursing has been a... Read More

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    Your age is irrelevant...if anything, it will be a help to you. Go for it - if you don't at least try you will end up with regret down the line:
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    I agree Marshall1!!!!
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    I had NO algebra, just a fragment of memory from 40 years ago. I watched videos on youtube and it helped me test into math 0098. before that I tested into math 0097. It's not great, but it saves me a semester of developmental math, which, at Gwinnett Tech they have redesigned math, so that possibly I could progress into math 99 in one semester. Its difficult making a schedule since I can't take the biologies until I've passed math 99. But still I'm plodding on, obstacles or no.

    Here are some video lessons on math 0097 from

    good luck!
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    Thanks to all for the encouragment. I have crammed my brain full and the retake on the compass is this Wednesday morning. Please say a prayer for me if you will. I am so afraid I will freeze up and forget all I have learned in the past month. I just need that one extra point! Back to Sal and Khan academy lol
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    Good luck! You can do it.
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    I passed!!!!! I retook the compass today and tested into intermediate algebra before college algebra thanks to lots of studying, prayer and Khan Academy. My first try on the compass I made a 19. Today a 34!!! wooohooo Not enough to pass out of the intermediate but I'm THRILLED. Now waiting on my official acceptance letter so I can register for classes. Someone told me today that they won't let you take credit hour courses until you have finished all noncredit courses so we will see. I have read enough on here though to give me incentive to keep going even if that is the case! Happy today!
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    YAY! I'm so happy for you. I would double-check with your adviser about the non-credit/credit courses just to be sure.
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    They won't let me talk to an advisor until I am officially accepted which as of last check hasn't happened. This is taking FOREVER. I saw today that my recent math compass is posted but my status STILL says "higher math compass score needed". I guess it's just taking a while for the red tape...surely they aren't going to change the policy again? I did find some information that seemed to say I could take other courses with the one learning support as long as they weren't math dependent courses. Hoping that doesn't mean micro or A&P. Pretty sure I could get a waiver on the micro to take it since I have already taken it in 2004 and had an A. Waiting..waiting and more waiting.
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    Usually if you are required to take learning support math, you cannot take Chem, A&P, or Micro until you exit out of all LS math. At my school, Chem is a pre-req for A&P, and chem is a LOT of math, so I understand their logic, but it still stinks, I know. I had to take 2 LS classes, and I had to retake one of them twice. There were many times I just wanted to give up, I felt like I was never going to get out of LS. However, I finally did it, so don't give up! Be persistent! One thing I will recommend - do not take online math if you can help it for learning support. The difference between online and on campus is huge, and factored heavily into myself having to retake it. If you do well with online classes and feel you could learn the math that way, by all means, go for it. But as a general rule, I would take it on campus and utilize the tutoring lab if your school has one! Good luck and keep your chin up!
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    Thank you! It is good to know that you made it out of the LS classes and are where you want to be. I am fortunate in that I only have to take one LP course before college algebra so it shouldn't deter me too much even if I can't take A&P or micro. Our school does not require a chemistry class. I am just so READY to get all the answers and get registered for classes. School starts on August 13th and I'm still waiting on acceptance. I just keep telling myself that all good things are worth waiting for.
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    I returned to college at 43 and feel great about it. I have had some issues with lack of support from family members but I keep pushing forward. I am applying to nursing programs now since I have finished everything except chemistry for the BSRN.

    I am applying to LPN, ADN and BSRN programs just to see who will consider my scores. I may have some decisions to make if none accept me or some that I wasn't too serious about do accept me.

    The TEAS V is a huge part of getting into any program and your math and A & P scores. Do well in those and study the study guide for the TEAS. Get a tutor or whatever you have to do to keep A's and B's in A & P and microbiology.