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Hey room! My name is Rachel. I am a pre-nursing student attending Gwinnett Technical College. Thus far, I have completed remedial math, Honors Psych, US History, Research Strat, Choices for Life,... Read More

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    GTC does not use the TEAS test. Once you apply for the ADN program, if you meet the pre-requisite requirements, you receive an invitation to sit for the Kaplan exam.

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    Does the Kaplan compare to the Teas exam ?
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    Helllo ladies! I too aim to get into the 2014 ADN program at GTC. I have taken my pre reqs though, BUT I may need to retake algebra. The Kaplan I believe is in the same boat as the TEAS. I would love to get my hands on a thorough study guide so if you all know of anyone with access to one please let me know!
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    The TEAS and Kaplan are obviously two different tests, but probably along the same lines. They're both nursing school entrance exams, so I think they would both test basic essential skills in english, reading, math, and the sciences.

    As far as a thorough study guide, I have yet to hear of one. I bought the Kaplan book, and it doesn't even list the Kaplan exam as one they cover! Crazy stuff.
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    Thanks for the response.
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    Hello!!! Gosh, reading this post brings back memories. I was accepted for the nursing program and will start Fall 2012. I just finished buying books and lets just say things are pretty expensive, but expected. There is a Kaplan study guide you can buy in the books store for $20.00 but I am selling mine for $10. The math in the study guide is harder than the actual test. The test consists of adding and multiplying fractions and solving for (X). Nothing hard about the math at all. If you have a decent grade in College Algebra you should be fine. There is a writing section that is not included in the study guide. That section covers verb tenses, verb agreements, punctuation, which sentence in the paragraph should be excluded and which sentence should be added. The study guide has a section that reviews synonyms and antonyms. Disregard that section because it will not be on the test. The reading of course is the same. Just read passages and answer questions. The science is more in depth than the study guide actually covers. KEEP your AP2 study guide and study the physiology portion of it prior to taking the test. If anyone has any questions, I will gladly answer them.
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    Thank you for that information Kamecee. I am a bit leary about appying any further as I am pessimistic, and my gpa is only 3.33. I have since looked into other programs that cost more, but are more reassuring. I do hope to have a choice between Gwinnett Tech and the other schools, but I will just have to see. I will get that study guide and thank goodness I have my textbooks : )
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    Hello all! This is so crazy because through all the mess going on in the real world I am just now getting back on here! So sorry for never keeping in contact but if you knew what was going on you would all be like holy cow?!?!?! LOL well anyways. I started this feed so we could all work together and I am sure at some point many of us have crossed paths. I learned today how they calculate scores after the Kaplan with your GPA to know what you rank among others applying. We should try meeting up at some point to study the exam reviews together! I am so excited to be back. Hope we can all truly get connected. Keep me updated everyone! Good Luck to all gunning for 2014!
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    I will be moving to gwinnett this week and apply for nursing program. I am a LPN now wanting to bridge. Do you know when classes start? I would love to study. You can email me a
    Tanya Wilson
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    I sent you an email from my student email. I am definitely ready for some real studying for the Kaplan! Lets do this peeps

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