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    I bought it off amazon and it came with cd. You get a code and can put it on any of your devices.
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    Hello to you guys, we haven't heard from you in a while. I hope all is well with your first semester.
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    All is good just staying busy and stressed out of course...
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    All is good & EXTREMELY busy. Clinicals have started. We have had 2 exams, 1 check off, a Critical Thinking test. Some of us have gone to simulations lab, and others are beginning their practical learning exercises on subcutaneous medications. So, next week, we have this 3 strikes-out math test, and another exam, and beginning with another check-off. We are plenty busy in 1921!! But I am loving it.
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    Awesome!! Any of you know Tawana Pitts???? That's my buddy she's been sort of keeping me in the loop. I love hearing about her days!!! Hang in there ladies!!! )
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    Wow, Kiki/Mg100,

    Congrats to being accepted and for those who went an extra step by calling the school to see why you weren't accepted was a wise idea. This is something I plan on doing Monday as I will be applying again for Fall 2013. I applied in January of this year 2012, but my old college (IMHO) was dragging their feet in getting my transcript out. GPC called me and said they were interested, but had to pass me by this year since I didn't have all the info in on time. Boy, was I mad at my old college. Good news, I got a 4.0 for my one quarter at GPC and nominated for student of the semister (does this show up on the transcript for brownie points?). I didn't do so well on the TEAS. I got 72% proficient (Adj Ind Total Score-Math-77/Reading 76). Not sure what my overall GPA is since I have a Bachelor's but attended two different colleges (back in the late 80's). The college I was at before GPC I have a 3.78 GPA. I have gotten mostly A's on all my sciences. I did get a B in chemistry. What are my odds at getting into GPC? I have also applied to Gwinnett Tech, but when I checked online, they haven't entered (or maybe haven't received) all my transcripts. I will be calling them Monday too. Thanks for all your advice!
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    They look at your sciences (GPA) and all the required courses for the GPC nursing program (GPA). Chemistry is not factored in as its not listed in their curriculum (only a prerequisite) when I attended the nursing information session they stated the min to be considered was a 64 on the TEAS and that most get in the 70's range. I am applying for Fall 2014 and am not sure about your other question. I wish u luck!
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    Thank you for the feedback. I found a website to help me calculate my GPA's. My GPA for all the science prereqs is 3.75. My GPA for GE is 3.05. My D in history (back in the late 80's) did not help the GPA! Did they say anything about GPA's? Thanks for the info regarding the TEAS. I was very disappointed when I got my scores. I was going to take it again, but see that it may be used against you, I will wait to see if they tell me I should.

    Why aren't you applying for 2013?

    I appreaciate all the feedback! Good luck to you too!
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    They didn't elaborate much on average GPA BUT there are two history's u can take either or. History I or history II. They take the better of the two grades. I know this wont help much now but something to consider. Also if u almost were accepted last year I don't see why u wouldn't be chosen this year. Your science GPA I would imagine would weigh more heavily. This is my first semester back to college in 12 years so I didn't have to take chemistry but chose to do so as I didn't know if there would be some on the teas. Also all my sciences are obviously too old so I have retake them all and applying this go round was pushing it. It's a longer wait but everything happens for a reason. I'm just so eager to get in and get started! Good luck w everything. Keep us posted!
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    Hello I wanted to recommend going to the info sessions that they have at the various locations. You can get all your questions answered by Renee Creel!! Good luck to you!!!

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