Are there any colleges in GA that DO NOT require TEAS?

  1. I've searched high and low but cannot find a college that doesn't require TEAS test. I am open to going for Assoc or Bachelors. I perform horrible on tests with multiple subjects like the SAT test.

    I would prefer a college like St. Louis Community College which only requires the dosage calculation test. On the other hand I want to live my life in GA not Missouri. If you know of a college that requires ANY other type of entrance test that would be a huge help.

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  3. by   Marshall1
    Can't help you as I'm not sure what TEAS is as it was not a requirement when I went to school. Only suggestion I have is to contact the schools you are interested in applying to and see what the requirements are for them. You could also check with the Ga BON. Not sure that would be any help but it's worth a shot.
  4. by   madamlexxa
    @ Marshall1 What school did you attend?
  5. by   Marshall1
    Brenau Women's's now Brenau University.

    Brenau University
  6. by   astronomia
    I don't think Chamberlain University does, but it is a profit school. Not 100% sure though.
  7. by   Exhaustipated
    I don't know of any Georgia schools that don't require some sort of multi-subject aptitude test for admission (i.e. TEAS, HESI, NLN-PAX, Kaplan, etc.). Of course, I don't know admission requirements for every school. My advice would be to get the list of approved nursing schools in Georgia from the BON site (the list is here: School Directory.pdf ) and either look the schools up online or call their programs to find out what they require.

    Good luck!
  8. by   MaumauMom
    Ooh... I would suggest getting a private tutor for the teas beyond a study guide. Even if you find a school that don't require teas, hesi, etc...what about the nclex? I don't think it's fair there's only one style of testing but unfortunately I don't see how your going o get around all the tests that you have to take o be license.

    Good luck
  9. by   dje5418
    Gwinnett Technical College off 316, Sugarloaf Pkwy, requires the Kaplan rather than the TEAS. They offer it in Feb or March. You would need to fill out a simple request online to apply to school of nursing as well as a short online application to the college. Once, your information has been received they will notify you on your SCHOOL email about a mandatory orientation and kaplan test onsite.
  10. by   tanalore145
    I met with a Nursing Advisor at University of West Georgia about a month ago and she told me that they were throwing the TEAS out of their qualifications for pre-nursing students because they have decided that it was a poor excuse of deciding whether people would pass or fail nursing school. So you might want to check there?
  11. by   jonesel9
    Thank you @tanalore145.I too agree with the advisor.It is crazy that we have to take this test just to say "will you pass or fail" nursing school.There are a ton of people who pass this test with flying colors and still drop out of the programs for varying reasons.I am checking this school out as well if I do not do well on the TEAS at the school I want to get into.