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Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about the hospital and realize the... Read More

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    I currently work at Grady on a med-surg unit. some say its one of the harder departments to work in because they are so understaffed. I get anywhere from 7-10patients. I would say a typical night is 7-8 patients and atypical is 6 or less and 9 or more but the last 3 nights i worked i have had 9 and 10. I went to grady straight out of school and the orientation is good but the learning experience as far as precepting really just depends who you are assigned to, if anyone. I was never assigned to one person. I have been there a year now and I am looking to transfer off medsurg or move to a different hospital. I also love/hate grady. I hate the way they treat their med surg nurses (can speak to other depts) but its such a good learning experience and I have excellent time management skills and they say once you can work at grady you can work anywhere, and other facilities looks at that experience as like a medal of honor since you work in such rough conditions with VERY sick patients. The medsurg patients i have, well they would probably be on step down units at other hospitals, most of them at least. Hope that helps!
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    Does anyone know if Grady is hiring new graduate nurses currently? (Summer 2010) It is getting so hard to get on with Atlanta Hospitals. Thanks!
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    Ashfost - I replied to your private message on a thread you had posted a while back. Since I am a new user I am unable to send private messages. Yes Grady is hiring. Read my reply, it will tell you the best way to get hired.
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    Thanks Aussie. I cannot find the thread you replied to. Do you remember which thread? My email is You can copy and paste the same reply to the email if that makes it easier.
    But thats good news they are hiring new graduates right now. Ill wait to read your reply before posting anymore questions. Thanks!
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    Would you mind sharing the info on how to get hired at Grady as a new grad as well?
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    I am a new grad may 2010 and just got hired. Given I was an intern and external there but there were others new grads hired too who didn't work there in any way earlier. My best suggestion is apply for the job online wait a week and then call or go in and speak to the manager of that department. Best of luck hope to see you there
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    Hey Mikel3113,
    I actually just got hired as a new grad at Grady too. What dept are you going to be working in?
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    I volunteer in the ER at Grady. I am done with nursing school in May, then I might work in the ER.
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    Congrats, I hope your as excited as I am. I'm in SICU, how about you? I'm willing to bet we've been sitting in training together, It's so much how could we not be. It's great though to get paid to learn, I couldn't ask for anything more.
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    I start Monday Sept 13th so you may be in the class before me. Im working in the ER and I am TOO EXCITED! Good luck in the SICU! Im sure we'll be working together in some form or fashion. Are you working days or nights?

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