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  1. srobb11

    Columbus Technical College?

    Hey CTCStudent...hmmm, I'm trying to figure out who you are :) (By the way, this isn't Jessica, but it's not too hard to figure out who I am by my name) Good luck to all of you who have applied! It's a GREAT program and like CTCStudent said, the instructors are all wonderful. CTC has a great reputation with the hospitals in the community and I'm very proud of our program. It's hard, but you will learn a lot. I know it's torture, but try not to go too crazy waiting on the application process :)
  2. srobb11

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

    I didn't study too much for the NLN. I only had about 10 days to study. I used the book published by the NLN, "RN Pre-Entrance Exam". It was very helpful. I just kept taking the practice tests over and over. The program now is 6 quarters, we started in the summer and will graduate next December. It is a full time program, so expect to be in either class, lab or clinicals every day, then add study time, and you pretty much live and breathe nursing. It looks like you will be trying to get the non-nursing requirements done and that's the best advice I can give you. It will make your life a little less stressful if you can just focus on the nursing courses. If you do decide to exempt out of PSY2103, I used the book for the course to study (they have it in the library that you can check out). Do not use the clep exam book. There were some students in our class that used the clep book to study for the test and it didn't help them at all and they didn't pass it. The exemption exam is NOT a clep test, it is a test from the course itself, looked to me like it may have been a final exam, so you really need to be studying from the book they use in the course. I hope this answers your questions. If you have anything further you want to know, I'd be happy to help. ETA: I also wanted to add that you want to make sure you study all portions of the NLN review book. My test had a lot of physics on it, but a friend said she hardly had any physics on her test, mostly biology. Just a little tip.
  3. srobb11

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

    Hi. I don't know much about how the quarter-semester change will affect the upcoming class. Since we graduate in December, it doesn't really affect us too much except cramming a full quarter into the shortened summer quarter. I would suggest contacting the advisor because I've heard a couple of things, but it's all just speculation at this point. I have a friend who is also applying next year, and the only thing she has found out at this point is that they are most likely going to be starting the next class in the Fall instead of Summer since the Summer quarter has been shortened. But this is second hand information, so don't hold me to it :) Good luck and I'll try to help if you have anymore questions.
  4. Thank you canesdukegirl for that perspective, it definitely helps! rnee, thank you so much for sharing your experience, it's very encouraging. Congratulations on your recent graduation and good luck on your transition!!
  5. srobb11

    Nursing Diagnoses for Mucocele

    You can focus on the surgery aspect...Nausea r/t post-anesthesia, Impaired Tissue Integrity r/t surgical incision, Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements r/t nausea (post-anesthesia, if this applies), Activity Intolerance r/t surgical procedure.
  6. Hi, I appreciate the advice very much. Thank you!
  7. Thanks Sandra for the advice, I will definitely do my best if I get this opportunity. Another question for everyone...if given a choice, would you take a tech position in the OR or a nurse externship that may or may not be in the OR?
  8. Oops....I wish I had seen this before I started another post asking the same question. Great advice here, thanks!
  9. Thanks for the feedback and congratulations on the job! You are right that it would be a great opportunity and I do feel lucky if I were to get this chance. Thanks for the insight.
  10. Hi everyone, I have a situation that I was hoping to get some advice and input from those who may have been in a similar situation and/or anyone who may not necessarily have been in this position, but would like to share your opinion/advice. A little background: I am currently in an ADN-RN program (graduate in December 2011) and I am interested in a career in the OR. I may possibly have an opportunity to work PRN in the OR as a "support technician" at a leading Trauma I hospital. I am very interested in working in the OR at this hospital once I graduate. My question is whether any of you have started out in the OR in a technician/support position and then moved into an RN position within the same hospital? If so, did you have any problems from supervisors/coworkers in transitioning from the tech position into the RN position? My concern is that if I start out in the tech/support position, I may have a hard time getting away from the notion of the tech position in the eyes of my supervisors/coworkers if and when I move into an RN position. On the other hand, it would be great experience and may possibly help me to get into the OR at this hospital as an RN once I graduate. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  11. srobb11

    volunteering at grady

    It depends on how long until you can get into an orientation, if your immunizations are up to date and you have documentation, and how long it takes your background check to clear. I was able to interview on a Wednesday, lucked out and got a spot in orientation that someone gave up on the following Monday and my background check was cleared for me to start volunteering that Saturday.
  12. srobb11

    care plan help

    This link has an excellent post from Daytonite regarding a care plan for dementia. Although this is addressing a more specific situation than you provided, it should be very helpful to direct and assist you in your plan. Good luck. https://allnurses.com/nursing-student-assistance/nursing-care-plans-416135.html
  13. srobb11

    How long is your NS drive?

    My commute is 72 miles each way, 4 days a week and will go to 5 days in the next couple of weeks. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It's an easy drive, mostly interstate with little traffic, so it's not too bad. I use the time to try to relax and reflect on the day, and sort out all the information crammed into my head.
  14. srobb11

    How did you do on your first test

    I didn't do too bad on my first exam, higher than the class average, but still lower than I was hoping/expecting. I thought I was prepared by reading the posts on here about the types of questions to expect, but until I was actually taking the test, I didn't realize the extent of the critical thinking questions and how more than one answer could be correct and you have to pick the BEST choice. Ah...very enlightening. I realized very quickly that it's not enough to just memorize the information, you really need to learn the information and be able to apply it to various situations. Good luck!
  15. srobb11

    Anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL in Atlanta?

    Hi - I'm currently in nursing school and have applied to volunteer at Grady. Can you share what you do as a volunteer in the ER? I was actually hoping to do some volunteering in their surgical services area, but I didn't see that as an option, so I chose ER as my first choice. Thanks for any information!
  16. srobb11

    Columbus Technical College?

    Regarding the interview, there is a panel of three people that ask the questions. Some of it is your basic "tell me about yourself", "why do you want to be a nurse", "what qualities do you think make a good nurse", etc. Just try to relax. They really do try to make you feel at ease and comfortable. As far as the days to be expected to be in class/clinicals, we are told to expect to be doing something either on campus or in clinicals M-F. They discourage working if at all possible since they will not arrange the clinicals or class time to fit a working schedule. Also, you cannot work past 11:30 p.m. the night before a clinical, so if you must work then it would be best to try to get a night shift on Fridays and Saturdays. Hope this helps!