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Does anyone work at GRADY MEMORIAL? I am moving to Atlanta the end of next year and am hoping to get a job at Grady because I know the learning there is priceless. I have been doing research about... Read More

  1. by   ashfost
    Thanks Aussie. I cannot find the thread you replied to. Do you remember which thread? My email is You can copy and paste the same reply to the email if that makes it easier.
    But thats good news they are hiring new graduates right now. Ill wait to read your reply before posting anymore questions. Thanks!
  2. by   jan18
    Would you mind sharing the info on how to get hired at Grady as a new grad as well?
  3. by   Mikel3113
    I am a new grad may 2010 and just got hired. Given I was an intern and external there but there were others new grads hired too who didn't work there in any way earlier. My best suggestion is apply for the job online wait a week and then call or go in and speak to the manager of that department. Best of luck hope to see you there
  4. by   ashfost
    Hey Mikel3113,
    I actually just got hired as a new grad at Grady too. What dept are you going to be working in?
  5. by   mfisher6
    I volunteer in the ER at Grady. I am done with nursing school in May, then I might work in the ER.
  6. by   Mikel3113
    Congrats, I hope your as excited as I am. I'm in SICU, how about you? I'm willing to bet we've been sitting in training together, It's so much how could we not be. It's great though to get paid to learn, I couldn't ask for anything more.
  7. by   ashfost
    I start Monday Sept 13th so you may be in the class before me. Im working in the ER and I am TOO EXCITED! Good luck in the SICU! Im sure we'll be working together in some form or fashion. Are you working days or nights?
  8. by   Mikel3113
    Awesome I'm going to do ER sometime in the future, just wanted to get settled in first, I have enough excitement in SI for now. I'm on days for orientation then nights when I'm done orienting sometime in nov/dec. Good luck with everything and watch your back in the red zone.
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  9. by   srobb11
    Quote from mfisher6
    I volunteer in the ER at Grady. I am done with nursing school in May, then I might work in the ER.
    Hi - I'm currently in nursing school and have applied to volunteer at Grady. Can you share what you do as a volunteer in the ER? I was actually hoping to do some volunteering in their surgical services area, but I didn't see that as an option, so I chose ER as my first choice. Thanks for any information!
  10. by   pinkcupcake712
    Does Grady hire out-of-state new grads? I'd love to work there!
  11. by   jan18
    When I called the recruiter she said you have to have your GA license just to apply there. So you can't even apply for a job unless you are licensed in GA.
  12. by   AKAnurse4
    Hello everyone im a new grad and ive been looking for employment in Atlanta and ive applied to EVERY hospital and Grady a week ago... but it wasnt for their new grad residency it was for a staff nurse position... is this how you guys got hired?
  13. by   ladymarfee
    I am a new grad and RN licensed here in GA. I applied in Grady for a staff nurse position more than a week ago but I have not heard any reply yet. I checked it out on their website again; they are using a new employment application tool which is different from the one I used when I submitted my application. I am interested to work thru their nursing residency program.
    Do I need to call the nurse manager/recruiter to know the status of my application? How did you do your application process guys to get a job in grady?

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