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Is it wise to work while in the nursing program? I realize everyone's different, but is there anyone with experience who can offer the pros and cons?... Read More

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    This past semester was my first semester of RN school (associate) and I worked full time. Now I've worked as a PCT in an CCU at the local hospital for the past 8 years so I work 3 12 shifts (every single weekend and then one day during the week, depending on my school schedule). I'm also a mom to two kids. My husband is also very supportive and takes a lot of the responsibility with the house and kids while I am in school. I don't really have choice in working because I carry health insurance for the family. It's possible you have to stay on top of your schedule and your assignment. As much as I tried to stay one step ahead I couldn't buy I never once fell behind or missed any assignments.

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    I don't have a choice but to work. I work FT Mon - Friday 9am -5pm.
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    Whoops sorry. Anyway, it's difficult but doable. My biggest complaint is that it's taking me so long because I can only take one nursing process at a time
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    It is totally doable. I worked full time while working on my AS degree. I worked full time while working on my BSN degree. Now I am in grad school, I am still working full time. Although, I will probably go down to PRN when I start my advanced clinicals. The trick is to get your employee to work with you. Let them know that you are wanting to better educate yourself and they will probably help you out and even pay for some of it. Hope this helps.
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    [QUOTE= jngo91] I don't work..I feel like I should but its just too much for me. My mom says I should stay home
    and study because she would be upset if my grades started to slip because I wanted
    some pocket money :/

    I figure I will pay her back for housing me when I finish nursing school and land a job. ^^]

    Your mom is right! If you have that type of support at home than it's okay not to work! The money you would be making now is nothing like the money you will make later. Just stay focus and keep hitting those books! GOOD LUCK!
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    Quote from idani
    Has anyone ever worked while completing an accelerated BSN program?
    I did. My program was 2 nights a week with clinicals every other weekend, so I worked at least 24-30 hrs a week. I also made my own schedule, so I was able to schedule around lecture days, tests, and clinicals, since there was a flexibility to have weekday clinicals. I started in August 2009, finished December 2011. Completed my bachelor requirements by March, Graduated in May, Licensed in June.

    I had no choice but to work. Even though I had no children, I have a mortgage, and financial aid DID NOT pay the bills. I finished the program with a 2.89 average, which I am proud of .

    I start my new grad job in February.
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    I start my bridge next month and will work full time while doing so. It's a online/evening/weekend hybrid program that's part time so it's 18months which makes it more doable than some programs. I worked through the last 6 months of my LPN program. It's not easy but having a job where you have flexibility helps. I am choosing to stay in the LPN position I am in now in a doctors office due to flexibility and I've been there a year so they are very willing to work with my schedule as need be. I got called to interview at a better paying and larger organization with great benefits at the same time I was accepted to school again but choose not to make that change at the same time I start school. I think it's in my best interest at this point.
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    I don't have a choice. I have to work 30 hours a week in order to afford rent and school costs. If you can manage not to work, then that is ideal.
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    I work in a hospital, so I have the luxury of 12 hour shifts. I am not quite in nursing school but am taking per reqs which most nursing schools have included in their program. I will continue to work through nursing school and work with many nursing students. If I had a choice I wouldn't work but we need my income. It all boils down to what you have to do. 3 12s a week leaves me with 4 days to attend classes and study. Most of the time I don't have time to do school work at work but occasionally I'll have a light assignment and can get some done. It can be done, grades will suffer a bit and you won't have a life but ya gotta do what you gotta do. Best of luck to you.

    "No day but today"
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    I agree with that. If you can not work, of course you should not. I had a child when doing my AS degree.At that Time my husband was in schools too. During my BS degree, I had two kids. Although my husband is wonderful and made a good income as a engineer, our bills still required me to work. That is due to us buying a nice home and cars. The post was can you work and my response was yes. If you do not have to work, of course you shouldn't. It would make life so much simpler.

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