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What will you be doing? I'll be reading as much fiction as I can (Hello library!). I'm going to Disney World with my boyfriend and son. I also might consider picking up a few more hours at work. I... Read More

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    Quote from WorkingTowardsBSN
    I'm going to pray that it snows so I can play in it with my kids! Will be getting ready for Christmas (wrapping, cooking, cleaning, decluttering, donating, etc!) and then also celebrating my baby girl's 2nd birthday. Mostly just looking forward to NOT studying, NOT reading (textbooks, at least!) and just enjoying my family! :-)

    Break cannot come soon enough!!!
    I forget that it snows in the winter!! I wish we would get snow (for only one day because traffic in a city where there are no snow tires or experience driving in snow is horrific). We gotten snow 3 times in the 22 years of my life, but those days were fun.

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    cleaning my house and enjoying a laundry room without any dirty laundry!
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    After winter break I head into my last semester!!

    During winter break first thing I need to do is get my house back in order. That just might eat up the whole break! haha. After that, I'll be trying to get a head start on assignments that are very time consuming. Figure, get those out of the way and its that much less I have to do in the final semester. Oh, and like beingcaitlin, I'm going to attempt to quit smoking.
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    I'm just finishing 1 of 5 semesters! I'm going to clean my house, have a cookie exchange, celebrate my daughters birthday and Christmas...and write pathos and med sheets for round two!
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    My house is actually still clean from Thanksgiving break (all I did was clean and cook).

    So....I will be exercising like a mad woman. I have gained 10 lbs this semester and am pi**ed about it. So, running, bike riding, double zumba classes, walking, and cooking healthy.

    Then, when my son gets out of school, spending every second possible with him. He's 13 now, and, with school, I miss him like crazy.

    Watching a movie or reading a book is a great idea, but I'd rather sleep at this point.

    Oh, a real date with my husband. Where I don't talk about school or clinicals or how I could be studying instead of enjoying his company.
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    Happy to say that I have one final left, then I can start on my winter plans..
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    Clean my house & car, pick up a few more hours @ work, finish the rest of grey's anatomy on netflix(on season 3), work out a little, dance 2 just dance 3,4 & hip hop dance & drink MASCATO!
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    Relax!!! Enjoy my last few weeks before I start nursing school. Ride my horse, hit the gym, clean the house, and some non school book related reading!!!
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    I planning on catching up on some much need sleep, watching a little daytime t.v, catching up on laundry, deep cleaning the house, and spending as much time as I can with my kids and husband! Also, plan on catching up with friends. I am sooooo happy to be on break!!!!!!! It feels so great to have made is thru MED-SURG 2!!!!!!
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    I am taking a winter class for my RN-BSN program and reading for my last semester!!!

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