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Hello, I am a 2nd yr nursing student, I graduate in May. I had an OR observation yesterday and was able to watch an endo lap chole. I may add that I was very excited as my goal is to become an OR... Read More

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    I'm very glad to hear that outcome! It sounds like you approached this meeting properly with thoughtful offers that showed maturity and responsibility. Best of luck to you!
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    I'm thrilled for you that your school has given you a second chance---make the most of it!! If someone learns from your mistake and future presentations, some good will come of it =)
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    Thank goodness...I was worried for you all weekend! I can assure you, you have already taught one person a lesson...ME! You sound like you are well on your way to becoming a great nurse! Good luck!
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    Agree with previous posters -- great that you went in there not only with an apology, but with a way to benefit the entire program by presenting to those coming behind you so that they could learn from your mistake and prevent them from making the same type of error unknowingly.

    These are the kinds of things that make you open your eyes and really be aware of what's going on around you. It's one thing for students to read about something like this in a textbook (which seems like a, "well, duh, I would never do that!" type of thing), and it's another to see that it can even happen to "one of them" in real, actual life.

    Good job, and good luck!
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    So happy for you! I think you handled yourself wonderfully and I'm glad all ended well
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    That's great! From reading what you originally posted and reading what you went in there and actually said, it's sounds like you heeded some of the good advice that was posted on here.
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    Does anyone have a few extras minutes for me to email you a letter of apology that I have written to deliver to my clinical site tomorrow? I feel like it is written well but it would make me feel better to have another opinion from someone in the medical profession.

    Thanks so much in advance for any help/assistance that can be offered . . .
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    I think the idea of the presentation is something very useful as a tool to some students who are not familiar with HIPAA and so forth.

    Congrats on being accepted again, this is a great way for you to educate others.
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    Awesome news! Glad you're back into the program!
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    I suppose you already turned you note in....but you can PM me.

    I am so happy that your program let you back in......you are VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!! I know this has been one lesson learned. I have thought about you all weekend.

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