Why does my BSN program require health insurance?

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    I just got information on all of the things I need to complete in order to begin my BSN program at UCF in Janurary. Everything was familiar to me because I have been through the process once before when I was accepted to an ADN program that I didn't end up attending. One of the things that was different was that the UCF program required all students to have health insurance. I know rules are rules and I am in no way trying to say that it's stupid, but health insurance is expensive and I barely have the money to go to school. So I am just wondering what that rationale is behind requiring us to have health insurance. Does anyone know?

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    One possible reason:

    You will be exposed to germs, viruses, and other assorted dangers as a student. If something should happen, they want to know that you have the insurance to cover the treatment you might need. They don't want stuck with your bills -- which could get messy for them if you are injured or exposed at a clinical site and that clinical site intitiates emergency treatment to you. If you can't pay for that treatment, the clinical agency might demand payment from the school that brought you into their facility.
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    Imagine if you don't and you end up getting sick from a patient that has a serious disease or you really hurt yourself moving a patient. The school's unlikely to cover it and it's easier to have everyone get health insurance.....

    There could be other reasons too.

    You may qualify for medicaid, if it's accepted by your program. At our school it's an acceptable form of insurance, not all insurances are. We have strict guidelines on what insurance is acceptable and what isn't.
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    I have to have insurance because it is a state law that any full time bachelor student have it. Perhaps it is the same in your state.
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    I'm required to have it as well but I'm in an ADN program. I vaguely recall them stating that it's a new requirement...but I really didn't pay attention to that part cause my husband carries insurance. Good luck!
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    I am pretty sure it was in the handbook as a requirement for my associates program as well.
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    Many schools are requiring it - even community colleges. BUT the ones in this area offer a plan if you don't have one already. In MASS it is mandatory to have health insurance, so my daughter had to prove she had it or they added it her tuition.
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    Thanks everyone for all the replies! They were all very helpful.
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    I see you are only 20, cant you get on your parents' health insurance for free? Thats what I did. I think with the new healthcare law you can stay on til you are 26!
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    Also, if it's mandatory, your school can add it to your financial aid budget (so you can use your financial aid to pay for it). If it's not mandatory, they can't.
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