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You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities? For example, I was always a tomboy... Read More

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    I was a punk rocker with pink/blue/green dreads or Mohawk, leather jacket and combat boots. I hung out with the waste-oids, skaters, and Goths in the smoking pit behind school, but I was also a super-genius. I lettered in Chess & Debate, and went to every SCI/MA Club meeting (Science/Math). I cut class as much as I could without being expelled, to drink coffee with my punk friends and read Kirkegaard & Camus (hahaha!) I'd only show up for exams and ace 'em. Dropped out in 11th grade to live on my own, and my first job was as a CNA for $6.30/hr. Had to cut off the dreads. Went back to an alternative school a year later and graduated, went onto work in IT as a Mac tech for 6 years then in my 30s decided on nursing. I'm still friends with the old punk crew, and although a few ended up dead or in jail, most of us were smart cookies who came out okay in the wash.
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    I was kind of a dork, hung out with the weird crowd and band geeks. I was very college focused, took AP and honors courses, had my heart set on vet school. Got into my junior year of college and decided vet school wasn't for me for several reasons. Got my vet tech degree instead, but the careers in that field aren't really what I need. Never really wanted to be a nurse, but found my niche in the ER.
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    I was on drugs and into exploring my sexuality while simultaneously taking college classes starting when I was 12. At school I was known as a smart kid who didn't do anything wrong.. Ever. However, my friends who were all older than high school knew the truth. In college I was in AA and NA and even had to see my college's alcohol counselor. Now I haven't touched drugs in a couple of years and only drink occasionally. I've always been book smart but a lack of self confidence caused me to make mountains of poor decisions.
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    Quote from Dezy
    You know, sometimes I wonder what kind of people my fellow nursing students were when they were in high school! We have the same career choice, but how close do we resemble in personalities?For example I was always a tomboy and I kinda found my place with he underdogs, eccentrics geeks. :P. I was more into art and writting... Heh now I'm the opposite, I'm into fitness and health XD
    I was popular but not bc I was part of the "popular" crowd. I was friends with them all but I had my own "middle class click". I have a twin sister so I think that made me well known. Everyone knew us as "the twins". I was in choir and drill team. I was often called a "goody-goody" but that's only bc my sister was bad! Lol, my grades were average and I sucked at math but I could have graduated a year early. I was in the work program my senior year and only had like 2 classes, one being drill team, so I got to leave early to go to work. I had a boyfriend all through high school, I was engaged my senior year. I skipped school a few times, had in school suspension once or twice, nothing major. My biggest issue according to my mom was that I argued too much. I wanted to be a lawyer!! It wasn't until I had my daughter (age 19) that I decided I wanted to be a nurse. :-)
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    I was the quiet, socially awkward one who attended college prep courses with a couple of honors classes and graduated with a 3.5 grade point average. I was glad when my high school experience ended and would never want to return.

    Writing was my strength and I had wanted to be an author or novelist since the age of six. However, my career options became more 'realistic' and practical as I got older.

    I was accepted to three regional state universities, but did not attend for a variety of reasons. Funding was the main reason.

    I did not want to be a nurse while in high school. I wanted to be a social sciences teacher or a college professor.
    Live the dream!!! My cousin-in-law got laid off from an editing job at a magazine and took that as an opportunity to write her first novel last year. It went on to become a NYT best seller and she's working on her second book now!
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    I was the big dork that no one wanted to hang out with....book nerd. Always wanted to "disappear" in class-

    Until I became a senior in high school then I became outgoing...did much better in college (not shy and excelled in school).
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    I was the quiet, shy kid with a few close friends, studied hard, didn't cause much hastle, didn't really fit in and fairly innocent to be honest.....that all changed when I left high school and started my BSN, I met kids who I had something in common with, really came out of my shell and my confidence has improved immensely!!!! <3 nursing school and my nursey friends
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    I was the girl who hung out with all the guys, not because I was a tomboy but I just always got along better with guys. I skipped school, acted out a lot, and almost didn't graduate because I went into my junior year with just over a 1.0 GPA. It was then when I moved to a new school at the beginning of Junior year that I realized that I needed to take school more seriously, so I buckled down and excelled in all of my courses, and graduated with like a 2.4 GPA (not great but much better)! When I first graduated, I didn't really care about going to college everyone just told me I needed to go so I did, but my boyfriend and I moved to Minnesota and he was going through a rigorous program and couldn't work. So, I quit school and worked full-time as a CNA, made a bunch of financial mistakes, and damaged my credit! He graduated 4 years later and now we are living in SC and I am kicking butt in school, I have a 3.86 GPA and starting the ADN program in a week, and we are buying a house! I would say I have come a long way since H.S, but wish I would have taken it more seriously, that way I could have probably sped my education up a little quicker!
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    I was the quiet one.

    ........but that hasn't really changed. xD

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