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    I do! I use it as motivation.
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    My fun has been RN-MSN FNP programs. I will have my RN hopefully in August so deciding whats next =D
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    That's funny I do it all the time! Lol I do not graduate until June 2014, but I do just to try and get a direction for which way I would like to go after graduation. I think it's a good idea to know what your options are so your not stumoed when school ends about what you want to do.
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    I do!!!! I use it as inspiration for where I want to go once I'm done with my BSN.
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    I DO!!!! I look them up just to see the requirements. I'm going into my second semester of RN school in a ADN program. I can go straight into a BSN program online that lasts a year through a connecting university, when I graduate with my associates. I'm just debating on whether to go into a BSN program or straight into a MSN program. SO MANY OPTIONS!!! I really want to weight my options and get some experience under my belt before I decide a specialty and how far I want to take it!
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    Yes because I still have that urge to get my neonatal nurse practitioner but first I have to look at Master's programs and getting experience before I do anything
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    I've been researching Family Nurse Practitioner programs (only online ones) and I
    really like University of South Alabama and the University of Southern Indiana.
    LOL cheap schools but I'm broke!

    I also like the thought of being a Nurse Midwife xD

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