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    I was just having a discussion with a coworker who is a ACNP and he seems to feel that ACNP was next on the slate after GNP for the ANCC's shift towards the consensus model in the next two years.

    I know that eventually ANCC'S wants a single cert, but really don't know much more about it. Seems a daunting challenge.
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    I have been looking up Advanced Practice RN possibilities since my first thought of entering into the nursing field. At first it was for fun, but now that I know I want to become a CNM, it has become planning I like looking up facts about the field because it gives me a better perspective of my future plans. I am sooo excited for what my future holds, and I can't wait to get through this first step...becoming an RN.
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    Definitely! I want to know all my options for when I am done with my ASN. And of course it's fun to dream about getting my CNM after working so hard the last few years just to get through nursing school to start with.
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    I do! I use it as motivation.
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    My fun has been RN-MSN FNP programs. I will have my RN hopefully in August so deciding whats next =D
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    That's funny I do it all the time! Lol I do not graduate until June 2014, but I do just to try and get a direction for which way I would like to go after graduation. I think it's a good idea to know what your options are so your not stumoed when school ends about what you want to do.
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    I do!!!! I use it as inspiration for where I want to go once I'm done with my BSN.
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    I DO!!!! I look them up just to see the requirements. I'm going into my second semester of RN school in a ADN program. I can go straight into a BSN program online that lasts a year through a connecting university, when I graduate with my associates. I'm just debating on whether to go into a BSN program or straight into a MSN program. SO MANY OPTIONS!!! I really want to weight my options and get some experience under my belt before I decide a specialty and how far I want to take it!
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    Yes because I still have that urge to get my neonatal nurse practitioner but first I have to look at Master's programs and getting experience before I do anything
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    I've been researching Family Nurse Practitioner programs (only online ones) and I
    really like University of South Alabama and the University of Southern Indiana.
    LOL cheap schools but I'm broke!

    I also like the thought of being a Nurse Midwife xD

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