Which of these two is the priority diagnosis for an intraop pt.?

  1. Which is the priority nursing diagnosis? Risk for deficient fluid volume related to intraoperative bleeding and oral fluid restriction -or- Risk for Infection related to surgical incision? I personally think it would be the former, but not completely sure. Thanks for any and all help!
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  3. by   lilykiss6
    I say the first one because it is much more easy to assess, if pt. is on oral fluid restriction can they give Iv fluids, if pt. is on fluid restriction (not sure why they will be if they are bleeding), then the second might be a priority but then again fluid intake is one way to prevent infection
  4. by   brokenroads27
    i agree, i think i would choose the first one.
  5. by   darren_callcareer18
    Risk for fluid deficit. always bear in mind when prioritizing you should consider the ABC of life.
  6. by   Mandychelle79
    I would say Risk for fluid deficit. The infection will not happen right away. Most times the pop up 3 or more days after the surgery.