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  1. Critical care nursing tips?

    I recently started in ICU about 7 months now. Personally, I find it enjoyable working in this specialized area until my charge nurses are being brutally critical on my practice. Seems like within those months of working in ICU they kinda expect you w...
  2. Seasoned Nurses Make Me Feel Incompetent

    Hello, I have been a member here since 2008. This forum helped me alot in terms of learning and advices. I am here again just to try to get this off my chest. I just recently joined an specialized area as an RN. I've been here for 5 months ...
  3. Crash Team call?

    I think it depends on the protocol of your place specially if the patient is full code. In my opinion, there’s no harm to call the crash team so atleast it can be documented that every possible steps were exhausted to save the patient considering it ...
  4. Opioid overdosing?

    How are you all? Just wanted to ask for your inputs if you already dealt with patient who seems to be having an opioid overdosing? What are the symptoms you have seen to that patient? I don’t know if I am just overreacting but I was working nigh...
  5. Heparin Infusion + bleeding

    Hello, Have you guys ever experienced a patient receiving a continous heparin drip then the doctor told you yo remove the inter-jugular central line? Then when you did, the bleeding won't stop despite of pressure? It was horrific. But luckily bleedi...
  6. Want to leave LTC

    Hello, I feel you. As an immigrant nurse I know how it feels like when your work is tooo far from your home. I also started in LTC and worked in night shifts too. It was too overwhelming but for me night shift is much more calmer than working in dayt...
  7. Is this enough training for experienced nurse?

    I worked at SNF and was hired to work in Med- surg Tele, I only had 3 days of orienting to the floor and shadowing and then the next week that came I am already by myself. I had to make my eyes and brain open and read read read and ask ask ask. I am ...
  8. Clinical Experience with "Clog Zapper" for G-J Tubes?

    I remembered when I used to work at SNF one of the patients PEG tube was clogged. They would like to send him to the hospital but one of the LPN said NO and borrowed a Sodium bicarbonate to another patient who is getting dialysis and the next day the...
  9. NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    Thank you for being straight forward and sounded like a big brother after telling my day from work. ?
  10. NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    Thank you very much! I will do that. ☺️
  11. NOT an ICU nurse but assigned by SUP

    Hello! I am a med/ surg tele nurse and was just hired last December 2018 in this floor. So, the assigned house supervisor called in and so our ICU nurse became the house supervisor for this night. When I came to get reports I was told that I will be ...
  12. IV iron infiltrated

    yes I informed the MD and his main concern was the iron not being completed. So, I started a new line to the patient and finished the transfusion. And as to my supervisors, they advised the usual thing to elevate and apply warm compress (but I altern...
  13. IV iron infiltrated

    Hello! I am so frustrated and stressed out because I administered an Iron IV but it got infiltrated. I checked everything and even checked the patient once in a while but it still infiltrated. I dont know what to do. Any suggestion?
  14. Aspiring Army Nurse. Suggestions?

    I am here thinking hard. I feel like my recruiter is not entirely being honest. Sad. I will semd her a message that I am backing out.
  15. Aspiring Army Nurse. Suggestions?

    She told me she is a AMEDD. I consulted to a military website via email and I was told this: “Thank you for contacting me. Most recruiters only focus on either enlisted members or commissioned officers. I don't think your recruiter will be able to do...