Where do YOU sit in class?

  1. Our nursing classes are held in a multi-media lecture hall. The hall is video-linked to a branch classroom 45 miles away. We have 7 rows of 5 seats on the left and 6 rows of 5 seats on the right with a center aisle. The front row on the left is used by the instructors (we have 7 total) I sit in the aisle seat in the first (student) row on the left. What amazes me is that no one else sits in this row. Only three students sit in the front row on the right. It just amazes me that my fellow students would work so hard to get into our program (on average, 4-5 applicants for every freshman seat) and then sit in the back of the classroom during lecture! Where do you sit in your classroom/lecture hall and why?
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  3. by   Pink Magnolia
    usually the first or second row

    I want to hear the professor clearly. Not to mention people in the back usually play on iphone or talk and that's distracting.
  4. by   Okie36
    I normally sit in the front row next to the aisle but noticed that my anxiety would rise during testing as people would finish and get up to leave the room...I now sit in the corner back row....I still sit in a area where I can still hear everything that's going on but during testing, I am not distracted by movement and I'm kinda off in my own little corner...
  5. by   Jill2Shay
    I sit in the back, but out instructor has a little microphone and can be heard, loud and clear from everywhere in the big room.
  6. by   aaakers27
    I sit in the first or second row, sometimes we have our tables turned into a quad though. There are only about 30 students per class though
  7. by   chrisrn24
    Why does it matter where you sit? Are students who sit up front smarter than those who sit in the back? Are students who sit up front more caring than other students? Don't be so quick to judge.

    I was a back sitter. I just preferred it. I don't like having to stare up at professors and I'm a chronic doodler/writer so it's better in the back. And I liked to sit in the back so I could make my sarcastic comments that are essential to my personality.

    That being said I graduated summa cum laude so clearly being a back-sitter wasn't detrimental. Don't be such a judgy Jane!
  8. by   cmurra6745
    The back the fronts filled with busy bodies and people tapping away on their keyboards
  9. by   Orizza
    I prefer the front. I got stuck in the back one day and I couldn't hear my professor over everyone talking. The front doesn't make you smarter any whatsoever, I would just like to hear what I'm paying for.
  10. by   Larry2016
    I try to sit in the back but close enough to hear...but for exams there are assigned seats. Each seat is a theater style seating arrangement with those little arm desks. Being 6'3", I cannot take tests on those desks, so I asked for permission if I could sit in the back where there was one table. Professor said she didn't have a problem with that.

    I mean, I can palm those arm desks....if you ever watched Men in Black, the scene where all the candidates were trying to take their tests sitting in those awkward chairs....that is what these chairs were like.

    As far as why I sit in the back...so my head doesn't get in other people's way.
  11. by   whealer
    Luckily my classrooms are small so wherever I sit is a good spot

    Otherwise I sit at least in the first two rows so I can see whatever is written on the dry erase board.
  12. by   VampyrSlayer
    I sit in the front because I always forget my glasses lol
  13. by   MissChloe
    I usually sit towards the front but not the very front row. I have had professors who spit, professors who yell, and professors who pick on the first row (always having them be the guinea pig, not in a mean way). I am less distracted if I'm near the front but not looking up their nose. I have a 4.0 so I don't think I'm doing the wrong thing by not sitting in the front row.
  14. by   Sparrow91
    It depends, if I am in lecture I sit second row all the way to one side, that way I am close to the instructor so I can focus, but not close enough for the professor to take notice of me. During exams I try and get the computer in the far back corner away from the doors, that way as people come and go it is less distracting.